Easy Sailing in Acquiring New Skills

Computer-Assisted Learning Using BeeBoard Digital Signage

Smooth Sailing in Boston Harbor

I’m getting back into sailing (after many years) and there’s a lot to learn and re-learn while on the water, but also before going out on the water. When I’m at work and not out enjoying my new hobby, I can fill any extra minutes I have by glancing up at my BeeBoard, which keeps me informed, motivated, or in this case teaches me new skills.

BeeBoard Granville combination bulletin board, with Second Generation iPad, running the BeeBoard Viewer App.

The BeeBoard Viewer for iPad above is displaying 1 of 39 slides that teach about sailing in a “Sailing” channel that I’ve created using the BeeBoard Publisher for iPhone. When I tune my BeeBoard to the “Sailing” channel it exposes me to sailing theory, increases my knowledge of the fundamentals and bit by bit the information starts to sink in. Here’s how I did it:

- BeeBoard Publisher App (iPhone)
- BeeBoard Viewer App (iPad)
- LinkedIn SlideShare App (iPhone)
- Dropbox App (iPhone)
- BeeBoard Granville
iZip Pro App (iPhone)

  1. If you already have the BeeBoard Digital Signage apps installed skip this step, if not, install both the BeeBoard Publisher (iPhone) and BeeBoard Viewer (iPad) and create an account. Log into the Publisher and Viewer with the same account information. Once you are logged in to both the Publisher and the Viewer, you will be prompted to give the Viewer a name i.e. office. The Viewer and Publisher will now be synched and you will now be able to post content with your iPhone to your iPad. Using the Publisher, create a new channel called “Sailing.” You can now publish sailing related information to this channel by creating bulletins or upload entire presentations as follows.
  2. Find the content: LinkedIn SlideShare has over 18 million professional content presentations in 40 categories. I downloaded “Sailing 101,” a slide deck of 39 slides. SlideShare downloads are in PPTX format.
  3. Download the content: Open the Dropbox app and create a new folder named “Sailing.” Save the PPTX file of the “Sailing 101” slide deck to Dropbox.
  4. Convert the slides to the correct format: BeeBoard accommodates images, so the PPTX file need to be converted to individual PNG files. There are various ways to do this, but I used www.zamzar.com. Zamzar walks you through this process in 4 easy steps on their Website.
  5. Upload the PNG files from “Sailing 101” to your “Sailing” folder on Dropbox: Once Zamzar has finished converting the PPTX, the file will be available as a ZIP or individual PNG files. It’s much faster to save the ZIP file to your Dropbox folder and unzip once transferred (as opposed to transferring each file individually). Unfortunately, iPhone does not have an unzipping utility and you will have to install a third party tool like iZip. The paid version of iZip supports Dropbox, but not the free version. Alternatively, switch to your desktop or laptop to unzip the file.
  6. BeeBoard has Dropbox integration, so in the Dropbox app for iPhone, a) navigate to the folder you want to share b) click on the share icon, than c) click on the share link. The share link will open the share tab on your iPhone and from here you will be given the option to create a BeeBoard Bulletin. BeeBoard will detect all the PNG files in the “Sailing” Dropbox folder and will make them available for publishing to any channel that you’ve created, in this case the “Sailing” channel.
  7. In the BeeBoard Publisher settings, adjust the automatic rotation to 30 seconds. Now you’re ready. Enjoy as your retention of all things sailing goes up with each exposure. Best of all there’s no risk of sunburn :-)