I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned
Blakeley Nixon

Mr. Nixon: That feels weird to type considering the comparisons being made to Watergate / Russiagate. May I call you Blakeley? I’m Robert, nice to meet you.

While I too occasionally come across a post, comment, reply, tweet or “News” that sticks to facts and Republican, Conservative, party of Lincoln ideal; I am shocked at how the MAGAts (Misguided Amoral Gullible Americans) STILL support Trump! Regardless of the deceit, corruption, misogyny and Russophilia exhibited by the President and his Kakistocracy. All thirty-six percent of them.

If you want to look into, investigate or are just curious about the hacking of Facebook by Eastern European (Russian) trolls look into the last name Kaciu. They are especially prevalent in the FB Group REPUBLICANS SUCK!!! The ALL CAPS and three ! are important. There is no longer “Admin” for the group, but “Blend” and “Dan” Kaciu are mods. When I first joined it was over 70K in membership, today, only 55.5K after reaching a high in excess of 100K. Milo Kaciu was the Admin then.

Peace my brother in the Resistance, Peace. Rob