On the Ethics of Dumpsterfires
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Well written, well thought, I’d say. However, it feels like you’re hacking at the branches. There are only three kinds of people. Those who don’t care about other people, those who do care about other people but not more than they care about themselves, and those who care more about others than they do about themselves. The first group can die, ok by me. The third group will die because they won’t live long enough to procreate. That leaves the non-martyrs among us. I want to say I’m in that group, and I hope by all that is objective that I make the cut. Speaking without permission for everyone else in that group, I will say that I care as much as I can without inflicting a level of harm to myself and my friends and my family and the rest of my non-martyr gang that I find unacceptable. That means I sign as many online petitions as I can without failing to feed the dogs. It means I donate as much money monthly as I can without giving me the current and future bill-paying heebie-jeebies. It means I don’t throw much away (food, cans and bottles, clothes). It means I don’t buy products I know are manufactured by companies cutting down rain forests. It means banging on everybody I know to support renewable energy. It even means — get this — that I’m voting for Clinton because of the SCOTUS current and future vacancies she can fill. I realize our group could do more, and I — for the most part — fully support the Millennials in their absolutely admirable effort to change shit. Reminds me of us driving nursing home voters to the polls to vote in 1972 (hoping they’d vote for McGovern). I don’t think we are as susceptible these days (if we’re fucking paying attention at all) to the “all is ok, we’re your government and we’ll always do right by you” as we were decades ago. So, how the hell to get rid of the first group? In order to maintain our standing in the second group, we have to decide that the non-caring are on life support and it’s our duty to pull the plug as loving kin with Powers of Attorney for health care. It’s going to be tough because even though they’re certifiable, they’re vocal and still have the right to vote. If we are optimists, we believe that there are more of us than them, so we have to 1. admit it, 2. become educated, and 3. vote our asses off. Come on, let’s go.