“Please quit defensively hyperventilating.”
Siobhan O'leary

Another bunch of brain dead screaming with a dash of the quoting of politicized social “science” drivel thrown in. No disagrees that people suffer from gender dysphoria and same sex attraction. Male homosexuality kills you decades early from disease from injury because the parts don’t fit. Most ten-year-olds figure out how that works without any trouble, but it seems to elude the brain dead loony left. As much as the brain dead loony left promotes unfettered sex, you would think they could figure it out.

Your statement about “discrimination” begs the question. Your paragraph in support is badly written: I think it says that repeated discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity causes sustained classic physical stress reactions. Dressing it up with a bunch of jargon and taking ten or twelve times the words necessary to say it is not impressive. Block quoting wordy and detailed jargon is not effective either.

In any case, your quote is inapposite. Homosexuality and transgenderism are not like race and ethnicity because the former are immutable characteristics, while the latter are lifestyle choices made based on how a person processes feelings of varying mutability (you can read the extensive discussion of the evidence in the federal California gay marriage.) That is, if I experience same gender sexual attraction, I have to choose a framework by which I process those feelings. The same is true for transgenderism. That pernicious fables from the left are screamed at high volume — that a person is defined by his feelings, which cannot be disciplined, only indulged to the utmost — makes it no less a pernicious fable.

And homosexual relationships are not equal to heterosexual ones because the former lack gender complementarity. Holding delusions about who you are, such as feeling like you are a woman when you have XY chromosones and male sexual organs, is not equal to understanding who you are properly, in other words having your sense of self match biological reality.

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