Mr Hana,
Michael Pace

I’ll forgive the misspelling of my name: it happens.

The current dogma on LGBTQ issues and the transgender ideology is not science, but quasi-religious dogma, being enforced by the Progressive thought police. This dogma is being pushed by progressives, and progressives do not believe in constitutional rights, as their early literature — which I have read — demonstrate. Progressives favor abortion, thereby favoring eugenics and thereby rejecting the right to life articulated by our founding documents.

I appreciate that you think that this “latest medical science” is “progress.” I have been around long enough to see calorie counting, low-fat and then low-car, and then calorie counting vindicated by science. I have read too much early Progressive literature, and I am too familiar with the history of the 20th Century, to know that at one time racism, paternal sexism — read Brandeis’s famous case), eugenics, Social Darwinism — TR’s second wife famously said of the servants, “If they had our brains, they’d have our class.”) — and indeterminate sentencing, were all the latest, greatest science.

So, not all new ideas are good ideas, and not all new ideas represent progress.

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