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Neil Gorsuch is a fine choice. He will start on the path of reading the Constitution correctly — overruling Roe v. Wade (both evil and ridiculous) and Obergefell v. Hodges (ridiculous) and Lawrence v. Texas (ridiculous). It’s high time the courts butt out of areas in which they have no business: abortion, homosexuality, and the like.

The case of the unhappy Miss Grimm — who always has had the “right to pee” by properly using the women’s restroom — is perhaps the most ridiculous lawsuit the invention of the ACLU has contrived or its mind conceived. The young lady should receive treatment, not applause from “celebrities” such as Mr. Cox and Mr. Jenner. It should be dismissed as moot now that Mr. Trump has rescinded the Department of Education’s guidance contorting Title VII and Title IX.

If people believe in abortion and gay rights and the transgender twaddle, then they can do what the Constitution demands — pass a law. But the First Amendment prohibits coercion contrary to religious belief, and Justice Gorsuch should correct Justice Scalia’s 1990 butchery of the right to free exercise of religion. People should not have to participate in gay “marriage” if they see it as a blasphemous parody, no matter how loud the Gaystapo screams in its tantrums.

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