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OK. Hillary Clinton LOST. She is the LOSER, according the RULES governing the Presidential election. The nationwide popular vote is IRRELEVANT — we choose the President in 51 state races. Mrs. Clinton is on the train to Loserville because she couldn’t win as the Constitution requires. These brain-dead liberals are claiming, essentially, that they defeated the opposite because they had more yards or penetrations (when I was growing up, getting in the red zone (within the opponent’s 20) in high school football was known as a penetration — guess why they revised the nomenclature?), even though Mr. Trump had more points. Dumb. Please, little lefties, quit whining and making excuses and figure out how to win elections.

Is Mr. Trump appalling? Yes, exceedingly. Will he stink up the joint? Unquestionably — he already has. But he still WON according to the RULES.

By the way, Mrs. Clinton stank. She was crooked — even though she couldn’t hold a candle on that score to Mr. Trump, who is twisted in a pretzel by comparison. The best that can be said about her handling of e-mails while at State was that she was a beauzeau — a French-spelled, world class bozo.

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