“The physical practice of male homosexuality at least kills its practitioners decades early, for…
Siobhan O'leary

Please quit defensively hyperventilating.

The sustained practice of male homosexuality kills you decades early because it leads to disease and injury. The body’s physiology is not made for it. In that sense — like most liberals figures of speech and even analogies elude you — homosexual practice is like heavy smoking or heavy drinking.

You apparently missed that day in tenth grade health class.

There is no support for the oddball trend of transgenderism apart from the recognition of gender dysphoria, which I have acknowledged. If someone wants to drop a quarter mill to slice, dice and drug themselves and have a full transition, well then they can play act all the way and use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their new gender — I refuse to rewrite history — for they ought to get the full bang for the buck.

But not just for saying that you are the gender opposite of your physical gender. You are not a woman simply because you feel like one and say, in effect, “Abracadabra, I’m a woman now.” You should have a preponderance of the objective characteristics of a woman before you get to call yourself one. And yes, so long as we have gender segregated places, these lines have to be drawn and should be drawn, and the results may be different for bathrooms and locker rooms. That’s all.

And, as for transgender men, you are not a man if you are getting pregnant and storing your eggs and wanting to get pregnant. Being a man entails not having the ability to get pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with being pregnant, or being a woman, but if you are getting pregnant, trying to, or wanting to, you remain a woman, regardless of whether you think otherwise.

Please don’t be taken by LGBTQ dogma that you miss common-sense responses to these problems.

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