I addressed this two responses ago.
Mercedes Streeter

The transgender dogma — and that is what it is — makes no sense at all. If you are physically male and have an intense desire to be female, you by definition are struggling with the ability to accept objective reality. If you then engage in play-acting (dressing as the opposite sex, and trying to look like the opposite sex), and adopt another identity, you are by definition living in a fantasy world.

But that is the heart of the issue, is it not: is there an objective reality, determined by biology, or can a person “define one’s own concept of existence,” to quote Justice Kennedy? I think the answer is intuitively obvious. Also at the heart of this: is it the aim of psychology and medicine to eliminate all unpleasant feelings, or to help people come to grips with objective reality?

The next time you get a traffic ticket, or a misdemeanor citation, just see how far you get at the Monday morning arraignment calendar with “But, your honor, that meaning advanced by the state is not true for me, because it doesn’t match my concept of existence…” Care to make any bets?

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