I have one question for every single jerk on the internet.
Gret Glyer

Alas, this post will almost certainly get very little traction.

Your brand of sensible, logical reasoning doesn’t fit into the world view of most internet content consumers, and even if it did, you’re not using a giant, provocative megaphone (other than using the word “jerk,” meh), so nobody will be sufficiently motivated read it.

I’ve given up trying to figure out exactly what makes something go viral on the Internet, other than the rule “the more outrageous the better.” A video on YouTube will get 10 or 100 times the number of views it would otherwise get if you publish it with a thumbnail of a naked girl (even if the thumbnail is not actually part of the video content). Therein lies the problem.

Most people don’t really want to solve real problems anymore. If they did, they would insist on getting factual information from their news media instead of a steady stream of propaganda, titillation and content engineered solely to appeal to people’s basic emotional triggers.

Unfortunately, as long as the motivation remains “how many eyeballs can I attract,” I don’t think the situation is ever going to get any better.

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