Yes, because clearly issues of racism and sexism aren’t substantive.
L Diva

Of course they’re substantive, but this isn’t the way to solve them. I don’t have a duty to respond to every misogynistic, racist thing that anyone ever says with righteous indignation, nor do I believe that my silence is racism.

Liberals throw out the race card every time they want to prevail in an argument without arguing its merits. Frankly, conservatives are sick and tired of that.

Conservatives are not blameless, of course; Obamacare (just one example) could have been a much better program if the Republicans had worked with Democrats, constructively contributing to making it better instead of spending all of their energy trying to repeal it.

Public service has devolved into mud slinging and media hysteria. It’s not pretty to watch. And it’s entirely our fault by allowing the media to titillate us with tabloid stories and fake news instead of holding them accountable for providing useful, factual, actionable information.