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Johnnie Moore, a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, says that while many evangelicals are “disgusted” by the latest controversy, they will still vote for Trump.

What choice that matters do they really have? Every other candidate and their party platforms stand so far are in opposition to matters that are core issues to Evangelicals and other social conservatives. Moreover, to them Hillary’s politics and character make her the very devil in their eyes. It would be nice to have other viable choices at state but the reality is whoever is the next president sets the direction of the Supreme Court for the next thirty or forty years. If Hillary wins every hope for overturning roe v wade is lost for at least a generation. The criminalization of traditional Christian morality becomes a real possibility…she has already hinted strongly in that direction. Trump is no prize and Evangelicals know it, but his boorish transgressions pale to insignificance in the light of the depths of her corruption coupled with her progressivist politics. To Evangelicals Hillary is the functional end of America as they knew and loved her.