5 Things People Are Getting Wrong About We Are The Left
Alexandra Erin

Just a drive by observation from someone very much not your audience (white, male, southern, traditional Christian, patriarchal, complementarian, prolife, classist, elitest, meritist, a little bit communitarian, a little bit monarchist, ruralist, states rights, pro gun, heritage loving confederate, southern nationalist, pro heteronormalcy). Where we might overlap a little (moderate environmentalist, pro permaculture, and deliberate community, anti corporate which to me is just socialized property run for the benefit of top tier managers and prime stockholders, love economic cooperatives) Those are my labels or most of them, and of course they mean only positive good things as I understand them. Like I said, I’m not your audience, but I like to be informed from all points of view. Informed bias is one thing, willful ignorance is another.

So here’s the deal, the body of the piece commented upon read like it was composed by a committee, as you noted, but not just that, a committee of persons afflicted with borderline personality disorder…when all is said and done who is going to be able to keep track of the progessive facturing of identity labels and the associated preferred nomenclature and pronouns du jour before the whole mass absurdity collapses under its own weight?

Secondly, the body of the original plus it’s apologies and edits make the whole of it read like an interoffice memo from the Ministry of Truth. It is just Orwellian almost to the point of self parody.

Again, I am so far removed from this way of thinking it’s like rubber necking at a train wreck.

I know those involved take it seriously, but I can’t. All I see is some form of collective insanity asking why everyone else isn’t like them. From my perspective it’s sad and a little scary that this way of thinking characterizes so much of the left.