I’ve been reflecting for a while about what is the key success factors of creating great products. What is the key enabler? How do we eliminate waste of time? How do we avoid sour surprises late in this creative process? How can we make it as fun as possible?

The basics

I’ve arrived at a concept. A flow. It’s based on what I’ve seen in the successful projects I’ve been part of and is now the way I work. This is not a “new lean” or “new agile”. It’s not a new software development paradigm. …

I’ve just released Lyster — a brand new App for Getting Things Done and remembering things in our everyday lives.

With a simple swipe you can mark a task as completed or plan to do it in the future.

It’s available globally on iPhone, iPad and Android today — and it’s totally free. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Lyster on Apple AppStore

Lyster on Google Play

Yesterday I open sourced two parts that I use consistently in my react-native projects:

ESLint and React Native

eslint-config-kingstinct-react-native is an ESLint configuration that builds on top of the popular Airbnb styleguide with these additions:

  • lodash-fp (immutable flavour of lodash)
  • promise — I recommend using Bluebird which has more features than the built in promises
  • prettier — cause code should be pretty
  • jest
  • flowtype
  • react-native

On top of these plugins I’ve made some rule adjustments to improve my efficiency. I like to keep the rules strict — but it’s important that it supports my productivity. …

My second pro tip is about code coverage. And not the way you think about it if you’re a “coverage skeptic”. I think this method provides value to any project, at any stage and regardless of previous code coverage.

The two problems with code coverage are:

  • A well tested project that grows in size will eventually let code slip through the coverage checks (unless you’re actually doing 100% coverage).
  • An old project with low to nonexistent coverage is not fun to start checking coverage on. It just provides you with a feeling of hopelessness!

The idea

Let’s solve this once and for…

This post is leaning slightly to the technical side. If you know what Git is you’ll probably get something out of it. It’s a simple trick that eliminates a lot of simple mistakes - so you and your team can focus more on delivering quality products and less time cursing.

Tip: use git pre-push hooks to automatically run tests and style checks before pushing code

Let me elaborate on the value this provides. Of course it depends a lot on the quality of the tests it runs — but even a simple style check that you always run will eliminate…

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