I’ve just released Lyster — a brand new App for Getting Things Done and remembering things in our everyday lives.

With a simple swipe you can mark a task as completed or plan to do it in the future.

It’s available globally on iPhone, iPad and Android today — and it’s totally free. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Lyster on Apple AppStore

Lyster on Google Play

Yesterday I open sourced two parts that I use consistently in my react-native projects:

ESLint and React Native

eslint-config-kingstinct-react-native is an ESLint configuration that builds on top of the popular Airbnb styleguide with these additions:

On top of these plugins I’ve made some rule adjustments to improve my efficiency. I like to keep the rules strict — but it’s important that it supports my productivity. …

My second pro tip is about code coverage. And not the way you think about it if you’re a “coverage skeptic”. I think this method provides value to any project, at any stage and regardless of previous code coverage.

The two problems with code coverage are:

The idea

Let’s solve this once and for all. Instead of checking the coverage of the entire codebase or files — let’s check the coverage of our actual changes. …


Robert Herber

Digital Nomad. Lyster, Kingstinct, Loco and PreCast.

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