Occupational Therapy Assignments Aim At Helping Students To Achieve Top Grades

Occupational therapy is a client-centered health profession that is concerned with the promotion of health and well being through therapeutic occupations. It encourages people to participate in the daily chores of everyday life. Occupational therapy practitioners work with people to help them live life to the fullest, by promoting health and preventing diseases and illness.

What are some of the common dissertation topics of occupational therapy assignments?

1. Undergraduates of occupational therapy undertake a study of voluntary experiences

This study enables students to work with peers and others in their first and second year of university. When you analyze the amount of work experience that the students currently pursuing occupational therapy have, your dissertation will be able to identify a number of factors: the amount of time, the nature of work experience and how prior practice helps in the course. This is an ideal topic for you if you wish to take up occupational therapy for recruiting and interviewing prospective students in the future.

2. A study of the psychological effects that accompany limb replacement and how it may affect returning to work

There has been a significant advancement in medical field related to prostheses and reconstructive surgery. There has also been less research done on the psychological effects that accompany a patient during such surgery, affecting his/her desire to return to work. This is a daunting process of returning to work with the knowledge that colleagues will be aware of your artificial limb. This dissertation focuses on the psychological traumas that a patient goes through in such condition and the best practice guidance provided to them by interview professionals.

3. A study of the hurdles faced by deaf and mute in finding employment in retail sector

This is an interesting dissertation topic to focus on about the hurdles that deaf and mute people face in finding employment within retail sector. This is accompanied by some positive and negative experiences that such people go through. The topic addresses a sensitive area and will help in obtaining ethical research guidelines. With increasing scope for deaf and mute, this dissertation will be able to provide new scopes for further integration into workplace.

4. A study of the dominant factors that enables male students to take up occupational therapy as a career choice

This dissertation aims to focus on interviewing those male students who have enrolled in the occupational therapy course in the last five years. It will be a topic providing strong reasons by males who choose such a course and career. The study can also be undertaken using quantitative research techniques. This topic will offer an insight into the minds of the male who choose to opt for this career.

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