Activate Azure4Students as a University of Cologne student

So you’re a student at the University of Cologne and you’d like to use Azure for free? Here’s a guide on how to set up a free Azure account using your smail email address.

You’ll receive $100 in Azure credits that are valid for up to 12 months. Spend them on any Azure resource of your choice.

Note: You may have to set up a Microsoft account here using your smail address if you can’t log in at step three.

Step one: Go to to activate your subscription. Using an incognito window in Google Chrome is highly recommended to ensure full comparability.

Step two: Click “Activate now” as shown in the screenshot below.

Step three: Enter your smail address and click “Next”.

Step four: Choose “Personal account” when asked about school issued or personal accounts.

Step five: Choose “School email address” as a verification method. Then enter and confirm your school issued email address and click “Verify and claim your offer”.

You should get a confirmation as shown below. Then check your emails and open the confirmation link to activate the subscription.

Step six: Enter your phone number, verify it by clicking “Text me” or “Call me”. Read and accept the agreement. Click next.

Congrats! You’re done. You’ll now be taken to the Azure portal, where you can take your first steps at exploring Azure.

Check out the screenshot below for the final result.