I believe that people are intrinsically good…

The challenge for us all is we are easily manipulated by fear.

Whether it is fear of our government, loss, uncertainty, crime, immigration or violence it’s effects are pervasive and insidious. Fear whispers in our mind.

People who are scared do not act in concert with their higher selves.

It is also difficult to pro-actively change who you are since our evolutionary experience commands us to ‘stay safe’. This means we remain in our comfort zone and battle to protect out egos. Ultimately this strategy is flawed.

‘The world’ is individually perceived and this narrative is driven by what your mind tells you is occurring. We have handed our poor logical minds the immense job of ‘fixing and improving our experience’. Sadly the mind is not particularly equipped to help since it is base-lined only to survival…

It’s great at solving your business or logic problems but running your life? It’s sadly inadequate because ‘growth’ and ‘joy’ often represent danger. Seeking out challenges?! Get me outta here!

To change, really change, your life you must defeat fear and hand control back to your higher self in the acknowledgement that releasing yourself from the illusion of attempting to maintain absolute control over your external world is not a strategy that will work.

You must focus on how you interpret events as they unfold and truly see them for what they are — un-connected to your internal drama narrative.

You must recognise that fear is designed to keep you alive but to also trap you in your comfort zone where you can maintain the illusion of control.

Maintaining this illusion requires tremendous energy but don’t worry, there are also plenty of distractions (games, movies, TV) being handed to you so most people don’t even recognise this situation.

Another excuse is that the thing, resource, money or time required for change are too great or unavailable. Guess what? Change will happen, regardless of your beliefs, wishes or intentions — so which would you prefer to have?

  • Change you are not in control of and did not initiate or plan for? (Sorry)
  • Change you elected to undergo in search of something better?

Having elected to confront your fears and change your behaviour you may find it’s never as bad a picture as the one your mind painted…

How cool would that be? =D