Dr Archer -

Thank you for taking your findings and publishing them for everyone to read!

I honestly believe that you’ve taken to first steps in a different direction with understanding how our brains really work. I’m also a friend and close follower of Dr. Amen and much of the work he’s also done over the years with brain research.

One thing I do want to put out there is a totally new approach to the work finally being addressed in the ADHD arena: Let’s start by eliminating the terms ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD’ first. They don’t exist! If we start by taking that approach, my hope is that we will make a great first step in a new direction.

I propose that all children should be tested at an early stage to study and determine how their brains work and how best they can learn. Let’s face it: Some of us are auditory, others are visual, while others might be more tactile as examples. Yet, for some reason even with all the technological advances we’ve seen in just the past decade alone with neurology, our society continues to cram our children in larger and larger classrooms with a one-size-fits-all approach. And what if your child’s teacher is strictly uses only an auditory approach to teaching? What about the visual learners? You see where I’m going with this. In many cases, the teacher instantly decides certain students must be ADHD because they can’t process what he/she is teaching so a note goes home to Mom and Dad. The parents panic and take their child to the family doctor. After all, the teacher must be right (even though they have no medical training, mind you!) so then the doctor writes a prescription for Adderall or Ritalin and little Johnny or Jane is in a medicated cloud for life, starting at the most critical stage of their growth. And no one seems to think twice about this process that probably repeats itself thousands of times a day.

My hope is to convince experts like you and Dr. Amen to take your studies up to the next level to see if we can define all these ways our brains work and process so we can embrace each of our unique skills rather than being boxed into a fake assumption that was originally created to medicate 20% of our society.

And let’s eliminate the terms ADD and ADHD! Does anyone else agree with me?