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Sitting here in 2020 among the havoc of COVID-19 and everything this year has brought so far, I reflect on the past 20 years from a digital perspective and ask myself, “where have we taken ourselves?”

Since the change of the millennium, we have seen a leap in technology and the internet, but is it accurate to label that leap as “advancement?”

Of course, many great things have come out of the last 20 years as a result of the ever-tightening bond between humans and technology. No doubt, Apple’s iPad has changed more than one industry for the better including the medical field. …

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In the mayhem to market a product or an idea, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of making our marketing messages worthwhile, captivating, or even look good. Whether it’s a photo, website, video, or Instagram post the content you churn out should have “production value.”

What is production value?

Production value: A method, material, or stagecraft skill used in the production of a motion picture or artistic performance; the technical quality of such a method, material, or skill.

Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

While this definition is referring to movies and performances, I believe it can be applied to any visual content that communicates a message or invokes action. …

Like many others, I received notice from Netflix that my monthly price for service will be increasing. I knew that already before getting the email from the streaming service.

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Today, I received an email with the subject line, “Why our monthly prices are changing.” When I read the subject of the email, I thought that I’d get some transparent and open explanation. I guess I’ve read too many Medium articles with similar titles, “Why such and such is such.” These articles are often filled with insightful explanations often backed up with sources and leave me a little more informed than before. So when Netflix sends an email with such a hopeful subject line, I prepared myself for a “good read.”

Sadly, that was not the case here. Below is the email I received from Netflix about the price change. I will explain what Netflix could have done better and why, as a customer, I’m not reassured. …

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“person wearing blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden rock looking down on mist” by Tyler Milligan on Unsplash

How often have you wanted to delete your Facebook account? If you are like me and you meet a person who doesn’t use Facebook or social media (there are a few of them out there), then you’ll feel a little envious of their free spirit and simplicity.

In a survey earlier this year 9% of Americans said they deleted their Facebook account.

It’s been a hot topic recently as well as years earlier when Facebook faced anti-privacy accusations. Privacy has not been my only concern. I was prepared to pull the trigger and kill my Facebook account. …

This past weekend I took my family to see Pixar’s Inside Out. I came away with one short but powerful review: Pixar is the greatest team of modern storytellers.

The film’s take on how our memories, emotions, personalities and brain function operate — while that may sound like a bizarre movie plot (coming from the studio who gave us a rat that can cook) — taught me a thing or two about my own emotions.

But it wasn’t until Monday morning when I fired up my computer and started pondering about the brand of the company I work for, that I realized that Inside Out teaches us a few things about establishing a brand’s…


Robert Irish

Designer and Marketer

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