2015-16 NBA Regular Season Finale

RJ: Hey Bennie. How’s everything out in Oregon? It seems like yesterday I was watching the start of the NBA season in your living room jumping from game to game day in and day out. Now here we are at the conclusion of the year and I’d say, aside from the unfortunate injury bug that hits teams every year, everything has sort of worked out as we thought it would. After the first 2 weeks, it was clear to see that the best championship contenders would be the teams that ended up as 1–4 in the West and 1–4 in the East. Though I never thought Golden State would be were they are tomorrow.

BH: You’re right, Rob, about this NBA season flying by us like it has.

However….let’s cut to the chase: Cavaliers or Warriors?

In a seven-game series…this year, with this J.R. Smith, with this Kevin Love, with this Kyrie Irving, with this Tristan Thompson…and with this version of LeBron James…does this Cleveland Cavaliers team have the ability to defeat what may be the best team in basketball history…the very year that they earn that crown and title…?


Oh…the drama!

Haha oh yeah and then we can still talk about the 14 other teams that are still going to play their own seven-game series starting in a few day’s time as well…

I like how the Clippers are playing this year and right now especially. Austin Rivers seems to be finding a nice groove as a shooting slasher at the two and…consistent production from that position is basically all Doc Rivers was ever missing in the first place…

Also, in the East, Toronto is a legitimate challenger with their bonafide thumper of a back-court duo in the slimmed down Kyle Lowry and the matured DeMar DeRozan…

Those two players can win you a game on any given night. And that’s rare. That’s rare to have such dominance and cohesion and versatility and production…strictly from the back-court…

Then, of course, having said that…who are we kidding?

Steph Curry. Klay Thompson. Harrison Barnes. Draymond Green.


How won’t they win it all?

Maybe that flu bug you alluded to…

RJ: I’d like to know if anyone who has watched at least a few Warriors games this year, TRULY BELIEVES, someone else is going to hoist that trophy by season’s end. Yes, teams have a chance. My main focus is on the the top 4 teams in the West. When it comes down to it, the Spurs went heavy to win it all this year, the Clippers made the best acquisition, per team, by acquiring Jeff Green at the trade deadline, and the Thunder are finally 100 percent healthy going into the playoffs. All of which have a chance to dethrone the defending champs.

However, I don’t want to get too far away from what we are all about to witness.

It seems like a forgone conclusion the Warriors will beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Oakland to become the greatest regular season team of all time! 73–9. Mark it down. 10:30 pm EST. Be there to witness history. It took 20 years to get here and we may NEVER see another team be this dominant throughout the season. Which, once you win 73 in the regular season, you have to win the championship. Sorry Lebron, that Cleveland championship is going to have to wait at least 1 more year.

I hope we get Cleveland vs Golden State again because grab your popcorn, it’s going to be fun to watch.

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