Travel Notes 01: Arrival

Travel Notes 01 – A series of daily entries about being abroad for 60 days

Bilbao, Spain

In long intercontinental transit, the hours stretch into something close to the infinite. To get to your destination, you cross the Pacific Ocean, and slice through something close to a dozen time zones.

Three flights later, approximately 38 hours between airplane and airport, I made it from Melbourne to Bilbao. Fortunately, small naps in frequent doses seemed to orient my circadian rhythm and circumvent future jetlag.

Spain is the first country to experience on this two month strip, starting from the North and eventually ending up in Barcelona before flying to Casablanca.

Arriving in Bilbao just before 8 in the evening, I was out the plane and through customs in under 10 minutes, somewhat of a record for international visitors entering a foreign country. From the small airport to the centre of Bilbao was a short bus commute into town.

We drove, sweeping through gentle hills, and the hour of arrival at sunset revealing the glittering form of the Guggenheim as dusk light reflected off of its shiny titanium scales. Unfortunately I was too slow to get my camera out for that moment before we were past that photo opp.

But Frank Gehry’s masterpiece museum would become a structure I would walk by daily, fascinated by its amorphous design. A night walk offered a momentary glimpse into the charm of Bilbao, evening lit, bustling in a gentle way and ready to be explored.

Notes from Monday, October 2, 2016