Travel Notes 10: Ascend

A series of daily entries on being abroad for sixty days

In any given place, a structure that rises high (or is the highest) above ground is bound to attract visitors with a promise of a view. It is in our human biology and DNA to climb given our absence of flight.

Ieronimus, the name of the tower that looms behind the Cathedral d Salamanca provides a superb view as well as exposing the bell towers, belfries and walkways inside and outside the church. Narrow spiral stairways wide enough for one person connect these spaces.

There is an electronic system that times travel between levels, and the timing of these traffic lights are incredibly effective. A new bride and groom use the venue for some photos which is an inspired choice.

In keeping with the theme of religious architecture, the Convento St Esteban is an equally impressive conclave that showcases a gorgeous chapel and museum.

Perhaps the cleverest feature is the presence of large mirrors on the floor. The reflection of the ceiling juxtaposed with the spaces provides a layer of intrigue.

As I ponder in a reflective state in a holy place of contemplation; the mirrors provide another portal for thoughts to ascend above.

Notes from Wednesday, 12 October, 2016