Travel Notes 14: Transit

A series of daily musings on being abroad for sixty days.

Today is a transit (and rest) day, the last train ride in Spain as I move from Madrid to Barcelona, a three and a half hour journey from central to north east.

Farewelling Madrid, I spend the morning at the Plaza Mayor where a market is on in the morning selling antiques. Curiously though, every single vendor appears to be selling near identical stamps, vintage bank notes and antique keys, which whilst charming is also very homogenous in context.

No purchases are made and I walk over to Madrid Atocha train station to make the journey to Barcelona. Hours pass on the tracks and I make it to Catalonia without too many hiccups, find my AirBNB in a cosy neighbourhood northeast of the city named Navas.

The evening is one of relaxation and not doing much at all, a respite to the constant movement of the last two weeks. I enjoy some nice conversation, pizza at a local restaurant and awaiting the Barcelona morning to greet me fully.

Notes from Sunday, 16 October, 2016