Antique training keikogi with chain mail. | Robert J. Hartung III All Rights Reserved

Randori translates into free exercise or sparring, but in the Bujinkan not all dojos utilize randori as a part of their regular practice. In this article, I will discuss my methodology and approach to randori, but first here are a few words on randori in general.

In Judo the term, randori is the same as the bujinkan, in Kendo, they call it jigeiko, like mini matches without points and in karate they use the term kumite. All these terms are basically the same thing, it is sparring without points. As a yudansha in Kendo and a senior teacher in the…

Kyudo New Year’s event at the Meiji Jingu, Tokyo Japan 2010 | All rights reserved Robert J. Hartung III

Kyudo like many Japanese martial arts has spiritual aspects attributed to it. Most notably Kyudo is seen primarily as a practice of Zen Buddhism in the west. Eugen Herrigel was the first to popularize Zen in the practice of Kyudo with his book “Zen in the Art of Archery”.

In recent years, a few Japanese writers have argued that Herrigel’s view was both the result of poor or vague translations at the time and Herrigel’s aspirations to find Zen in Kyudo. The strong association of Buddhism and Zen with Kyudo doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, regardless of…

So, you interviewed and received an offer from a great company you want to work for, but now you must quit your current job. What about the job you are leaving? How will you quit? Leaving a job can be difficult for both your boss and for you, but you can leave with a smile by impressing your boss while walking out the door.

Write a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter is key to start the conversation about your next steps. If you were a fantastic employee and didn’t let on that you were looking to make a move, this could come as…

Budo and Proper Practice

Chainmail training gi/ Robert J. Hartung III |

Budo is often difficult to define. The term budo is made up of two characters “武” and “道”. The character “武” has many meanings. It can mean “bravery” or “valor”; it can also mean “warrior” or “military arms”. The character “道” also has many meanings. It can mean “road”,” path” or “course” and “moral teachings” or “journey”. When combined we can arrive at several possible translations. However, it is unnecessary to disambiguate the two characters into precise English terms. Instead, it would be better to allow the concepts of the characters to swirl about. …

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