lessons of water; the dao of no-judgmeent

The message of the day is lessons in judgement, and the aspring towards a lack thereof.

It all started with a dream, where I met two friends, neither of whom i've spoken to in a long time. What they told me was, that in the period of my life where I truly did not care what people thought about me, I was my friendliest, most endearing self.

I was not judged, because I did not judge, and those who would judge me I avoided at an energetic level; they simply did not resonate with what I had been experiencing at the time. Bliss.

Ofcourse, it is possible to dismiss others judgement of ourselves while still judging others. We all know such people, and peaceful, friendly folk they do not seem to be, even if in their hearts  they may have the capacity to be, and are fierce friends.

When I stay close to myself and am aware of not judging myself, i can feel my shoulders lower, i can feel some stress leaving my body, just thinking 'don't judge myself, there's no need'. I can feel my face soften, my gaze rosy, I can feel wrinkles postpone themselves years and years ahead. Indefinitly, perhaps, if I keep it up and take care of myself. No rush.

it feels like i’m saving my life. I feel like calling up the friends I dreamt of. In my dream they were one, and came to visit me. Without words, we worked together, four hands on a piece of wood, cutting it the right lenght, to help someone else repair their home. When the work was done we spoke, and I said: "I didn’t think i’d want anyone to come visit me, because I was afraid of how I would be judged." - and looking now, how much that statement was focused on me, how little it considered my friends, who may wish to feel more welcome in my life. He responed by showing me a picture of myself, laughing, gentle, speaking openheartedly with people I might consider vile with my scrunched up judgement face - phase.

Being free of judgement - of yourself, as well as others - is a matter of life or stagnation. Vibrance, relaxation and  exchange, or stale and stagnant seperation.

When I judge myself I am more likely to judge and mistrust others, less likely to let them in, less likely to let my friends inside, and therefor the waterways clog and my pool of life grows stagnant. The less I judge the easier life flows in and out - true, the less dirt is filtered also, but since the flow is strong, it does not sink to the bottom of my pool either, the alligators find no murky unexamined pool to lay their eggs.

I am free and clean and alive, and the more I judge the less I breathe.

I will cast no nets of judgement and gather no rocks and branches with which to kick up dirt around me. Saves me time for swimming and play.

Be water my friend. Water doesn't judge because it doesn't stain. Water doesn't get stuck because it lets go of baggage. Water has nothing to prove to anybody, its clarity leaves nothing to hide, it witholds and owes no explanation; if you cannot see what's going on at the bottom, get closer, and shine more light.  I can afford to be an open book, because I do not blame or judge myself, so I am ashamed of nothing. Some mother crocodile will snap at you if you get too close to her tender, hidden truth; her babies, and water too can crash if pressured, but in essence it is gentle, yielding, yet uncompromisable.

Those who do not judge are refreshing to be around, like water is.

i should aim not to judge, myself especially.