Best Approaches to Deal with Conflicts

Every conflict is different in nature. Conflicts in workplaces are of a different degree and many a times seem unavoidable. Although, a few conflicts may seem simple, but a few may be tricky with higher levels of difficulty. As a mediator,one needs to decide on the approach and give the conflict resolution a concrete direction. It is important for the mediator to gauge the impact of the conflict outcome. As handling conflicts in the most appropriate manner can resolve the problem smoothly.

The best mediators for workplace conflict management in Windsor mention the following three conflict resolution approaches at work place -–

Let’s have a look at what they actually are –

Competing Approach

Such an approach is executed by people that have power, strength and expertise. Such an approach is useful in emergency situations. Especially when need of the hour demands for an immediate decision.

Accommodating Approach

This style is basically low on assertiveness and high on cooperation. Such an approach is used when higher authorities want to portray reasonable. Higher authorities here want to demonstrate that they belong to the peacemaking cadre.

Avoiding Approach

People in position use this approach when they don’t want to pay a hearing ear to the conflict. Due to this, the conflict stays unresolved and can pose problems and bigger disputes in the future.

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