5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Creative

1- Read every day. In order to be creative, you have to feed your mind with ideas. You have to allow it to process new thoughts, perspectives and structures. So, one of the ways you can do this easily is by allowing yourself to take in the written ideas of others.

2- Meet a new person daily. You know the people at work. You know the people in your house. Meet someone new everyday. Say hello and then ask a question to someone you haven’t interacted with before. What’s that? Your town is small and you already know everyone? Well, the internet is a big place.

3- Draw or doodle daily. When I was a kid, I used to see my dad on the phone. While he was on the phone, he would have a pen drawing shapes or just doodling while he was talking. After he was done, I would look at what he was drawing. It usually wasn’t anything I recognized…just a series of patterns or squares or something random. I discovered I did the same thing as I got older. Except, I take time to just sit and doodle without the prompt of a phone call or a meeting. It’s just a break to jumpstart my creative mind.

4- Write down 5 ideas. What if there was airplane service like Uber? What if there was a way to record your thoughts automatically so you wouldn’t forget? What if there was an Alexa for your thoughts? Keep asking questions and writing ideas. It causes your brain to think in different ways.

5- Watch a funny comedian on Youtube. I like to watch comedians not only because they are funny. They also seem to look at life from an angle which is surprising. Their minds work normally but there always seems to be a surprise ending. Think about how you can apply their logic to a situation in your own life.

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