My Rule For Living Successfully Today

When we are young, we have no idea how great our story will become. We also have no concept of how it will help others. We’re struggling to understand life and survive. The selfish part of us tries to get all it can get. That is, until the day we find out there is so much more to life than we imagined.

If I’m honest, I’d say that I didn’t really ‘get’ life until I was past my mid-30s. Up until that point, I thought it was simply about how hard you worked and how lucky you got. I didn’t understand that what others think and say doesn’t really matter. I didn’t know that the world wasn’t really about people liking you. For a long time, I figured that being ‘nice’ would get you far, but I didn’t understand the power of authenticity.

I started to understand life better the more I saw death. I reached the age where when you heard about death, you realized the people dying were now closer to your age. I began to understand the importance of legacy and how passion drove it. It wasn’t always about how ‘nice’ you were. It was about how passionate you were, how much cared about a cause and how driven you were about it.

I thought about lives, sad lives…the kind of lives where you lived in the shadows, left and no one knew you were here. I didn’t want to live that life. So, I chose to begin living life out loud. I chose to expend energy intentionally. I decided that I wanted to a create a story on purpose and not just accidentally.

The reason for this story is legacy. Ultimately, I want to create a story with meaning for my children. I want them to see the parts of the story I’ve lived, understand the decisions I made, why I made them, the circumstances I’ve dealt with and how I conquered the challenges I faced.

In addition to my children, there are other people assigned to my story. I’m not sure who they are. But, my job is to seek them daily. I search for someone to empower and encourage. I search for someone to build up. I search for someone to give energy to.

If I can find one person each day, then I’ve lived successfully on that day.

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