The One Product Which Has Revolutionized My Year

As a small business entrepreneur, you don’t have a large number of employees. You also do not have octopus arms. There are so many things to be done and yet the time you have is still 168 weekly hours.

You’ve got to figure out a way to make things happen, without breaking the bank, without giving yourself more work and without making things more complicated. I’m a bit of a techie, and so I’m always looking for apps to make life easier. My wife likes to joke by saying I have every app on the planet on my phone. Well, not EVERY one but there are quite a few. I try a lot of apps; then I delete them. But, I like seeing what works. So, it was surprising when I found myself gravitating towards a solution that was non-techie.

In November, I took on the idea of re-evaluating what was working in my life to gain some momentum for the new year. One of the things I evaluated, of course, was my usage of computers and applications for efficiency. I found I was piling up a lot of information in my notes, my Evernote and other applications. This was good…except, in many cases, I never came back to the information. So, it wasn’t in front of me. The culprit was my own habit of trying different applications. But, there were a few things I paid attention to. They were the signs on my walls, my affirmations, my ideas. I made the decision to make two purchases. The first was a dry erase board for my office. The second was a full year wall calendar which I discovered on a site called

REVOLUTIONARY! The dry erase allowed me to mind map and draw ideas on a whim. I could then take a picture or use my scanning app to remember the information. (Yes, I realize this gets it back into my device. But, I now print out the scan and scotch tape it to the side of the board). The calendar allowed me to sit and see my entire year at a glance. I planned out events, vacations, programs and was able to quickly sketch out my ideas for the year on my calendar.

Here’s where it has been helpful. I’m able to look back quickly to see where I have hit the mark and also where I have missed. Believe it or not, I’ve missed a few targets. But, the important thing is being able to keep this all in view.

I feel more organized, and my schedule is more focused. I know where my focus needs to be and “squirrel” syndrome is being held at bay.

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