What Do You Need To Be Great?

Day 6

I have this terrible disease. It’s called Superman Syndrome. It’s really bad and I fight it every day. There is no medication. There is no known cure. But, the good news is you can fight the effects of the disease if you have a plan in place.

The first step, of course, is admitting you suffer from this deadly disease. And by deadly, I mean it can kill your dreams. The second step is sharing it with others and admitting you need help. The third step is determining the resources you need in order to move forward.

This is where some of us get stuck. We know we need help but we won’t take the time to sit and figure out what we need. That’s where we are today. You’ve figured out your perfect day and thought about your plan. Now, let’s start putting some of the pieces together.

In order to get where you need to go, what will you need? Is it money? Is it a personal trainer? Is it a CTO or someone who can build an app? Is it a PR person? Is it a sales team? Is it a coach? Is it a publisher?

What resource do you need most? It may be hard to choose ONE at first. But, start by making a list and narrowing from there.

Day 6 Prompt: What resource do you need most?

You are moving forward little by little daily. Each step is deliberate. It may be slow going but determine you will continue to move no matter what.

I’ve had to learn two great lessons…patience and get help. I don’t always ask for help and for a long time, it has slowed me down. I’m working on it every day though.

There’s a saying…”if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far…get help” Ok, I made up that last part but you get the idea.

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