Creating User Personas with Xtensio

In my quest to design an app for learning Chinese Mandarin, I set out to understand learners better. After interviewing and surveying subjects, then analysing my findings through affinity diagramming, I needed to distill them into relatable concepts; queue user personas. You’ve probably seen these plastered over walls in tech startups amongst 100’s of post it notes. Well they aren’t just a trend, but really help designers and the rest of the team empathise with who they are designing for.

After interviewing a number of learners, I was able to identify certain traits and started to stereotype subjects (probably the only politically correct situation where it is acceptable to do so!). There’s no real magic sauce or formula for putting these together, except looking at the facts you received from your surveys and general impressions you got from interviews.

A tool which I highly recommend for putting together a persona is Xtensio. It’s a simple drag and drop style template, which asks all the right questions for fleshing out your creation. You can view mine in full here.

One persona I would have liked to have developed would have been primary/secondary school learners. However I didn’t have access to such students during the survey/interview stage so I just had to make do.

In all, after doing this I feel really clear on the potential goals for my product and the type of people it could help. 10/10 would do again.