Creative ways to promote your mobile App

The number of users of mobile phones is greater than those using laptops according to a study conducted by Ofcom. So for that after doing some research on your business industry, you discover that you need more than a mobile website for your business, i.e. mobile application.

Marketing your mobile app is an on-going process. The maximum number of mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia is investing time, money and resources to create an app and would simply upload it into app stores with high expectation and waiting for the good result. This may not be a good decision from a firm’s perspective as it may not help a firm to achieve its desired objectives. Just think once before promoting your app, now a days 70,000 apps are uploaded per month into the apple store and 81% users are never seen in the past 50 top applications.

By observing all competitors, you need to know one thing; if you are having good mobile application with a higher budget and more features then also it is not enough for your success. So after creating or developing an app you need to advertise your app, it will be easy for the user to find and download the app.

Mobile advertising:

PPC or Google Adwords is one of the best ways to advertise your app where users can get an ad on top of the search engine results. After advertising in search engine, when users are searching for related mobile keywords then your mobile app will be displayed on top.

Not only PPC by using Kissmetrics also you can promote your add.

Social Advertising:

Larger portion of the population is using social media now a days. Thus advertising through social media can be a platform to market your app. So for that you should post your add into social media. Gather potential customer emails through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or your website and creating groups in social media related to your app and send your app details to those peoples. Provide more app downloaded links on your website. It may have a chance to increase the number of downloads.

Consider offering a promotional price:

One of the easiest ways to make people download your app is giving them some free cash back offers or points for downloading your app which will be helpful to make your app more popular.

Create a Demo video:

For promoting your app purpose, you need to create a 30 Sec demo video of your app. In the video you need to cover all specifications (why, what, how), features of your app. After creating videos you need to post it in all social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Videos are an easy way to showcase everything to the users.

Consider alternative app stores:

Do not upload your app only on play store because it may have many competitors for your app. Except play store there are many number of platforms which could be used for uploading your app like the Opera Mobile Store, AppsLip, Amazon App store, AppBrain e.t.c. According to one platform foundation, if any app uploaded into less competitive stores, it will increase the downloading app chance 200% more than to play stores.

SEO Process:

SEO means search engine optimization. By doing off page techniques you need to promote your app. Like using Classified, Blogs, Web 2.0, article submission etc. You need to find out keywords related to your app and do SEO process for your app URL.

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