Which are the best app building platforms in 2016?

I think everybody knows how mobile technology is growing day by day. The usage of smartphones is rising exponentially compared to other devices. So everybody is preferring mobile apps for their business.
If you got a great idea to build an app for your business, it is not enough for success, you need a good strategy, and support of app developers. There are best mobile app development company in Saudi, USA, India and Europe. And the awareness of latest app building tools and platforms is also important.
Appery is one of the cloud based builder for developing application on various formats like Android, iOS and Windows. Advantages of cloud based apps are the process goes through the cloud, no need to download and nothing to install, you can access the tools easily and quickly. By using this, you can store your data in backend.
App maker will help you to create your native android, iPhone and Windows app as well as HTML5 mobile website.
Como users can create apps choosing the templates from music, restaurant, Calendar integration and events with useful features.
Dojo mobile:
Dojo mobile can provide widgets for developing web based application. It is an open source development frame work supported by Dojo foundation. It is available as both free version and paid version. Dojo gives the ability to change coding in the formats of HTML, Java scripts and CSS to build interactive web pages.
Game salad:
Game salad is a game app making tool. By using this, you can create your salad game app within an hour. It is one of the best game app developing tools.
jQuery mobile:
Using this jQuery mobile tool, you can build hybrid mobile applications. It is an open source tool. This framework will provide ability to use HTML, CSS and java scripts to build mobile web pages for any smart phones.
Kalipso studio:
By using this, you can build mobile applications for Both Android and Microsoft OS. This tool has many features like drag and drop editor, multi-languages, data base synchronization, built-in GPS and technical support.
LiveBlox is one of the tools for developing mobile applications on various platforms. It is an easy app building platform, allowing to develop app via Blox, a set of code that links together. Top features of this platform include drag and drop editor, GUI builder, video, 3D engine and plug-in system.
If you want to develop an app for Android, iOS, Black berry, or Windows, contact best mobile app development company in Oman or in your area. The tools above given are good for simple apps, but when you need a very specific app that needs a heavy customization, it is better to go with app developers.
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