Secrets In The Dark (Part One)

Written By Robert Lee Johnson

The year is 2017 and (in a New York gym) a young woman is punching on a sand bag (as her workout reaches its “max”, she breathes heavily and reaches for her bottle water. As she hears her cell phone rings she answers “Stuart, a man after my own heart. What’s up?” Stuart answers “Well Miss Future District Attorney, you are definitely up in the polls”. “Well I would hope so, I have the best campaign manager money can buy”;she replies. “You damn right sugar, he replies”. The woman laughs (as she heads to the shower), she ends her conversation with him. She is a woman of power, respect, determination and resilience, her name is Alexis Wade, future D.A. and public advocate. Alexis finally makes it home to her apartment on the Upper East Side (a beautiful quaint condo). Alexis is sifting through her mail and she sees an envelope from an address that she would soon rather forget, she leaves the envelope on the coffee table and heads to the couch; while in flicking through news stations, she hears a haunting chant of just one word…”Harriet, Harriet”, over and over in her ear. As she covers her ears, she cries, as the chant of “Harriet, HARRIET” becomes louder.

As she jumps off the couch, she runs into the bathroom ; searching for her sleep medication; she is angered because the medication is not in the cabinet. As the voices in her head gets louder, she scrambles though all of her medication, crying and hysterically, she finally finds her medication on her night table. As she (Alexis) takes her pills and finally calms down, she hears the phone ring, as she picks up the phone; the voice on the other end is familiar to her, Mrs. Margret; the maid of the Farnsworth Home for Girls speaks. Well Misha it has been a long time since we spoke, so how are you little one?

Please don’t call me that, I love you Miss. Margret, but I’m not “Little Misha”, anymore, my name is Alexis. I know what your name is young lady, and I understand, replies Miss. Margret. So I hear you are this big time Assistant District Attorney correct? Well I’m just working hard, we are in the middle of an election and the race is close, but why do I feel that’s not why you call me, answers Alexis. Well I was wondering whether or not you opened up the letter from your grandmother’s estate? Oh OK, “No I didn’t” Alexis answers. Is there something wrong with Mrs. Farnsworth these days? Well, Alexis, I hate to be the one to tell you but, your grandmother died last weekend, Mrs. Margret informs. And nobody chose to tell me until now, not that I would have made the trip, but still, replies Alexis.Well I don’t know what she died from, because there were a lot of aliments, like, mental illnesses bi-polar disorder dieases. Not sure the cause of death, but all of you ladies received an invitation in the mail to the reading of her Will.

I didn’t open the letter, nor do I desire to, so why don’t you reveal to me the contents in the letter? Well, (Mrs. Margret hesitates), “Your grandmother left her estate to the four of you ladies and myself”, and in order for anyone to collect anything, all parties must be present. Like hell she did!!(fires Alexis). Those three bit…Alexis catches herself before she becomes disrespectful..”You know what, they can keep it all, I’m not coming, and if that means the Government gets her estate , so be it, says Alexis. Alexis there is something else I need to tell you, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the Doctors are giving me, at least six months left replies Mrs. Margret. Wow Mrs. Margret, replies Alexis, I am at a lost for words.

Alexis do you remember the fun times we had picking apples and making apple pie (Mrs. Margret coughs through her sentences). Yes I do Mrs. Margret, but I also remember how my grandmother ; your beloved Mrs. Farnsworth had me climb up the tallest tree for the apples way on the top, and when I fell out of the tree and broke my arm, she did absolutely nothing and ordered me to go back up in the tree. Well I refused to let her beat me, I went and got another and another and another, with one arm. So I can relate to the good times but they are forever tarnished by her sadistic ways. So to return back to that house to see Candy, Pepper, and Mousey, and relive those nightmares…no thank you. Goodnight Mrs. Margret. Alexis hangs up the phone before Mrs. Margret could say anything.

The next morning Alexis is awoken by a male voice in her apartment , “RISE AND SHINE, SUGAR”!!! Alexis jumps up. Stuart ; her “gay” trusted assistant startled her. As Stuart pulls the covers off of Alexis half naked body, she asks, “How the hell did you get in here?” and “How did you get my password?” Oh child please your password is “DIVA” which you should change it to “SOAP” cause you stink. Stuart I am too tired to slap your face, its too early in the morning. Child its two o’clock in the afternoon. Stuart walks over to the window and pulls the blinds up , as the room fills up with sunshine, Alexis jumps up. You are definitely in the lead with this campaign for District Attorney, but expect Flanagan to start digging up dirt on you, so if there is any you need to tell me, now is the time. Alexis realizing what Mrs. Margret said.

Stuart book me a plane to South Carolina and quick , I’m jumping in the shower, you have single handily save this campaign. On the drive to the airport, Alexis tells Stuart everything about her past and how this news can not get out. And now Alexis Wade is in route to stop her deepest secrets from being exposed in the media…Secrets In the Dark (to be continue).

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