New capital is introducing a new reward program called “Source Force”.

Robert Lipski
Apr 4 · 3 min read

New Capital believes that the responsible use of digital assets will revolutionize the world’s economy. Their team actively seek and support projects that are beneficial to mankind and have considerable transformative potential. These projects are carefully selected to meet their vision, and must be driven by a talented and result-driven team whose goals are in line with their philosophy.
New Capital partners with visionaries, entrepreneurs and breakthrough idea generators to help them achieve their dreams by providing funding, expertise in technology development and business execution, and go-to-market strategies and guidance. Their team has recently introduced TWINS ( cryptocurrency platform which in near future plans to develop a truly decentralized exchange platform and proof-of-stake blockchain network with cross-chain atomic-swaps capabilities to facilitate the direct transacting of value between network users.

Community participation is the critical requirement of the network growth in terms of the number of active masternodes and the accelerating transaction activity of TWINS coin on the network and crypto-exchanges. 100% of foundation reward TWINS are distributed as community bounties for network growth incentivisation, community invites and management, business development and marketing and PR.

True community participation plays a huge and essential role in ensuring the success of the project. They cannot deliver this decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-source platform without Discord community contributions, input and support. Thats’s why they have created a highly innovative and collaborative Bounties management program called “Source Force” which can be found below.

Any member of New Capital’s discord group can register on their website and complete their necessary form. Once their application has been accepted and approved by one of New Capital team member, they are ready to submit their work like Translating, Publishing,Developing, Designing, or report any open bugs and fixes. All those options are available only if their verification process has been fully finished and approved.

This comes with a highly innovative reward system which not only shows a contributor their own reward amount, but also shows feedback or comments from the New Capital team member’s based on the work that was submitted. The Source Force platform itself is very collaborative and can show you the submissions of all other fellow contributors. Every verified member of the Source Force platform is called ‘Resident’ in the New Capital’s bounty management system.

The Source Force platform creates perfect opportunity for both the company and the community contributors as New Capital receives good promotion in the right social media channels and online blogs while people are rewarded with TWINS coins for their submitted effort. At the same time the more people finding out about New Capital and their great project such as TWINS( is helping ecosystem to bring new investors and contributes to the overall success of the Business.

Official “New Capital” website:

Official “New Capital Discord channel”:

Official “Twins(” website:

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