RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

I am a Democrat, and I am really really sick of all the “Bernie or Bust” whining. It is very simple and not controversial: the rules favor Democratic Party votes and voters rather than independents which makes sense as they are the rules for the Democratic Party. What is going on is that Bernie chose to run for the Democratic Party nominee, but neither Bernie, nor his so-called “independent” supporters, understands the Democratic Party rules. If Bernie wants different rules he should have chosen a different party.

Understand that these are the same Democratic Party rules that were in place the last time a so-called “outsider” candidate ran for the Democratic Party nomination. That was in 2008, and the outsider was freshman Senator from Illinois — Barak Obama — who successfully beat Hillary. Hillary lost in 2008, even though she started as the prohibitive favorite, but she did not whine about the game being rigged because then as now it is not.

Once Hillary was certain that the nomination was lost based on the numbers (she was much closer to Obama in delegate count than Bernie is to Hillary is this cycle) in 2008 — she fully supported Obama as the Democratic Party nominee. And while Hillary stayed in the race through the DNC Convention, she did not attempt to undermine Obama personally. Nor did she try to hold Democratic Party Unity hostage with untoward demands that the loser does not get to make.

Bernie, and his supporters, should learn that lesson from Hillary’s 2008 defeat, or risk being marginalized going forward. History is replete with failed candidates whose lack of grace in losing became their undoing when they later attempted to raise their voice. No one likes a sore loser.

So here we are in 2016, Bernie chose the Democratic Party for his run to the Presidency, but now complains that party is unfair without cause. If Bernie, and his supporters, spent as much time learning the process and rules of the Democratic Party as they do complaining that the Democratic Party is unfair, then maybe they would have been able to do better. For example, it is not the Democratic Party’s fault that 58 Bernie delegates in Nevada failed to register as Democrats and were excluded under the rules from being delegates at a Democratic Party convention (not for nothing but 8 Hillary delegates were also excluded for the same reason).

As it stands, Bernie is advocating more for independents than Democrats, which was not the bargain. If as a candidate you run as a Democrat then Democrats are the priority. If Bernie’s goal was otherwise then maybe Bernie should have run a real third party candidacy as a true independent, green party or some other. But Bernie is an opportunist, and saw no pathway other than to apparently lie that he would abide by the very rules of which he and the Bernie or Bust crowd now complains.

Again, this dispute is simple. Bernie chose the Democratic Party and is bound by its rules — not different rules for Hillary as he claim — but the same rules that the Democratic Party has had for the last three elections. The only people looking for rules changes are independents that should never been allowed into the party in the first instance if they wanted something else.

All crying aside, Hillary has won the popular, Democratic Party member, pledged delegate, and super delegate votes. Hillary will be the Democratic Party nomination on the strength of those wins and the three million-vote advantages over Bernie that those votes represent. 
 Democrats believe that Hillary and Bernie share views on 90 percent of issues, but if the Bernie or Bust crowd cannot coalesce around the Democratic Party nominee under the Democratic party rules then I say move on — we do not need you. Go vote for Trump who disagrees with Bernie on almost every issue, including taxes, equal pay, abortion, minimum wage, educational reform and student loans, civil and LGBT rights, the need for any banking reform, money in politics, and most importantly the need to name liberal justices to the SCOTUS. Or waste your votes by voting for Jill Stein who cannot win, and is not viable. It might be tougher but we can do it without you.

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