Get ready to retire at 50…Not because you want to but because you’ll have to.
Len Kendall

OK: classic flame post to kick off a thread, and I’ll respond with an equal twinkle in my aged (63) eye! 
“50+ year olds who are extremely skilled and experienced workers. They can effectively manage people and machines but require very high salaries. Often, due to realities of aging, they cannot operate at same levels of efficiency as Group A or B. This makes them “expensive”.

On the contrary, smarter and older workers — especially the Baby-boomer ones like me who have already secured adequate assets to survive, such as a home and an occupational pension, are the really flexible tiger work-force that almost everyone wants to hire. Our salary demands are reasonable and proportionate: our kids have graduated already, we own our own homes, so we are looking for a flexible, quality-oriented lifestyle that includes plenty of travel, adventure and sport, along with using our skills in a way that makes sense to us and helps to pay for that next two-month trip to Australia.

I work for nothing as Chair of a smaller charity, and also work for 20 hours a week in the field of social research — interviewing families in their own homes across Scotland on behalf of various governmental agencies and departments. It’s a job that requires great life-experience, with the added perks of extreme flexibility, plenty of travel, and whilst it pays a sensible wage and modest expenses, I am free to work in my own time, at my own pace.

What could be better?

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