An Open Letter to Yee-Ho Irene Chan

I wanted to say thank you for being much further along in life than I was when our lives intersected during a 4 year stretch at Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas.

You would come to school prepared and engaged. You would work hard in every area of your life that I could observe from my perch as a Bro-wannabe intellectual-redneck. In my pursuit of becoming a renaissance man during that time I always tried to find people to compete with intellectually. There were plenty of bright minds around (your family provided a lot of wattage) but you represented something that I didn’t know what to do with. An incredibly decent, kind person who was destined to be a part of greatness in some part of the world some day.

While I was trying to have as much fun as possible and impress the wrong people you were well on your way to making a dent in the universe and I respect you for it now much more than I did back before the world knew the Kardashians.

I appreciate the fact that you cared to learn and demonstrated the right way to do so.

Thanks for unknowingly teaching me some life lessons and for having high personal standards. It made me a better person and my life has been better off because of it.

(This is Charlie Pomykal’s fault because he encouraged me to go through with writing it)

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