Why Windows 10 Pro Is the Best Choice for Your PC?

Robert Marcs
Oct 22 · 3 min read

For a long time, I was using Windows 7 and tried to avoid upgrading to Windows 10. I thought that upgrading to Windows 10 was not beneficial. However, I realized my mistake when I installed a new data analysis software and some latest video games. When I used the data analysis software, my PC slowed down, and even after multiple restarts and configuration changes, I was unable to improve the performance.

Similarly, the PC also lagged when I played a game in high definition mode. After researching a bit, I found out that the latest Windows 10 build will resolve all those issues as Microsoft has added many new features and performance improvements in it. After this experience, I decided to buy Windows 10 OEM license.

If you are also experiencing a decline in your PC’s performance, then upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 will do the trick. Once I installed Windows 10 and used it for a month, I really enjoyed it, and here are a few things which I learned from the experience.

· The main issue which I faced many times in previous Windows is the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). I never encountered any such error in Windows 10 as this version is very stable and doesn’t require much maintenance.

· The Windows Defender that comes with this version is very good at stopping unauthorized intrusions and detecting viruses.

· I also use a Windows phone, which further made it easy for me to use the same apps on a smartphone as well as on Windows 10.

· The interface of Windows 10 is very simple and easy to use. You can modify and arrange all the apps and tiles as per your requirements. Even if you don’t like the live tiles, then you can switch back to the old desktop mode by making a few changes in the settings.

· I also required an office suite for various purposes. I found out that a Microsoft Office 2016 for sale is going on and the prices are very reasonable. I am impressed by the improvements made in the different tools available in the latest MS Office suite.

· Those who buy Windows 10 OEM license often complain that there are many settings which are not directly accessible in Windows 10. Microsoft made such changes so as to simplify the process of using Windows 10 for the users who are not familiar with personal computers and the latest technology. Well, if you have similar issues, then you can change any setting by reading a few guides available on the internet.

Few software programs which I use with my Windows 10 are Pot Player or Classic Media player for movies and audio, 7Zip for compressed files, and Microsoft One Drive for storing photos. The collection of most basic software programs will only be complete and when you find Office 2016 for sale and activate it on your PC.

Once you buy Windows 10 OEM license, you may need to uninstall some built-in apps that are not required. Some of the apps could not be uninstalled directly, but a simple google search will provide you the exact method to follow. At the price that I spent on both of these software programs, I am delighted with my PC performance.

To conclude, I can say that Windows 10 can be maintained very easily and it is much better than Windows 7. So, you should buy Windows 10 OEM license and improve your PC’s efficiency.

Robert Marcs

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Love to show my creativity through my work. I like to travel to new places as time permits. Love to play chess with my brother and video games in my spare time.

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