How do you crack it?

Sometimes, and most often than not, we feel grassed by our feelings, whipped by our intents and trod over by the stormy waves of life. Usually, when the feeling of defeat and a weak spirit knock in our hearts and bent our twinkling hopes of success, we hit ourselves and scorn us. Occasionally, an array of achievements hit our paths and record after the next we ululate, merry and cheer ourselves in ways far to express. 
The loop sides of defeat are never entirely intermittent as most literature, expressions, proverbs and quotes point. The reality is that there are times that we are completely flat and lay down in the same state over extended periods of time than ever anticipated. In this state of a rout, anxieties strike the most, apprehension hold our every thought, and decision-making process is done with a lot of hesitancy. 
In these very unfortunate situations, we regret and regress in our every action; we have less time to refer to advises, flip over our quotes or better still seek advice. In most of such situations, we dine with ourselves. In very unfortunate circumstances, we always have someone or something pour salt on our already sour souls. So how do you crack it? 
The choice is always one of our internal buffers when reacting and facing situations. Naturally, when faced with an obstacle we always choose how to overcome it; for example, we can decide to run away or face the danger head-on. Our decision on how to react will primarily be founded on our previous experiences or what we think will work preeminent with the situation at hand.
Choice in this piece is what I feel has worked for me and does not mean solving the cause of distress or fully getting back on your limbs; it is an easy way to handle the situation at thought level and getting the courage to get up and face the situation. It is a personal advice on what has worked for many people too when at similar crossroads.
So, when all the hell gets loose on your back, opt to laugh, smile and look deep at the lesson that life has tossed again on your plate. This way you manage to sober up, think before reacting further and be in-charge of yourself at the moment and even after. Choice of happy thoughts, fan your spirit to blossom and rekindle your desire to succeed in the wake of defeat. 
Choose not to despair when the results are out, when circumstances get off your grip, when all the milk is spilt, when demoted, when hugely indebted, when mourning and even when going through a breakup. In life’s race, everyone face hard and hurting situations at some point, and usually even in the most desperate situations, we can pick to smile and let the wind pass.
At all times remember that worry, anxiety, apprehension, self-pity and hatred have never made winners. Nelson Mandela once said that success is not in the spirit of never-ever fall but rising again whenever we fall. The choice to grow again will always make us see the dawn of each fading night.
To myself, I must be strong, to my dependents stronger and to the world the strongest.