Leadership is a collective activity

The Center for Creative Leadership’s research has found that viewing leadership as a collective activity brings about more transformation in organizations. When communities have shared direction, alignment and commitment they are more successful in achieving their goals. Nomadic Learning has shaped its methodology around this fact by having people learn together in groups, so that they together shape the knowledge they need in relation to their environment. This method solves the “knowledge-application gap” so inimical in the learning field, as those learning are also applying their knowledge to their common situation as they go. This learning approach results in shared leadership, what CCL calls interdependent leadership. The model below shows how interdependent leadership differs from the more usual independent and dependent leadership cultures.

To see this insight in the context of broader themes of human development, check out this article by Chuck Palus of CCL: http://www.leadingeffectively.com/leadership-explorer/vertical-leadership-development-for-a-complex-world/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LeadershipExplorerTools+%28Leadership+Explorer+Tools%29

You can see Nomadic Learning’s approach to collective leadership here: http://nomadic.fm/.