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Wednesday 21st September 2016

“Madainn Mhath” …Fellow Scot, I hope the day brings joy to you.. The kind of early morning I love…Clear sky’s not a cloud to be seen, a heaven full of twinkling stars and a waning moon…cool enough for a sleeveless jacket now but it will be beach weather in a few hours, and as the tourists have nearly all gone home I can have it to myself.. Good Morning I’m Robert McAngus and this is The Daily Thistle…. KELPIES artist Andy Scott has won a battle to have a “fake Bavarian burger bar” that sits in the shadow of his beloved Kelpies sculptures removed. The creator of the Kelpies had threatened legal action over a burger stall based near the tourist attraction. Picture: Michael Gillen He claimed that the recent arrival of Artisan Grill, a German-style fast food cabin, “defiled” his vision and prevented the public from being able to properly view his 100ft sculptures, which loom over the Forth and Clyde Canal near Falkirk. The cabin was refused retrospective planning permission but the operators sought a review. However, Falkirk Council have now confirmed that the stall will be removed.

I must admit I would be one of the people to sign as nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition protesting plans by a theme park operator to build a holiday resort on the shores of Loch Lomond. Earlier this week, Flamingo Land Ltd was named preferred developer of a 49-acre site at West Riverside in Balloch. Flamingo Land. The company, which runs a theme park in North Yorkshire, has drawn up plans including restaurants, a boutique hotel and other “high-quality, family-based attractions.” But an online petition to the Scottish Government, which has gathered 2, 931 signatures, argues: “Loch Lomonds and the Trossachs are a National Park. They are not a commercially themed area. “It is a place of natural beauty of which would be forever reduced if developments like this one get the go ahead. We must stand up to this as a strong voice against the commercialisation of a national gem for future generations.” One protestor, Audrey L, wrote: “These plans are preposterous. Our National Parks are few and far between as it is. There should be much greater protection for the Highlands of Scotland in particular. Loch Lomond is famous for its wild, rugged beauty and it’s wildlife and it’s wildlife. It should never be spoilt by building any sort of theme park here. The “theme” is entirely natural and we MUST preserve that.” Earlier this week, Flamingo Land’s chief executive, Gordon Gibb, said its plans would fit in well at Loch Lomond…I don’t think Lock Lomond needs a fun park, it’s a place of tranquil beauty and solitude not pop corn and soda’s..

Former WW1 radar station on market for £3.5m It has been billed as the ultimate lair for a James Bond villain — a former WWII radar station on the market for a cool £3.5m. The site at Gin Head near Canty Bay, North Berwick, is up for sale with plans approved for a striking 10-bedroom home embedded in the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. And while perhaps providing the perfect secluded hideaway, there will be no shortage of coastal drama at Gin Head given the property boasts views towards 14th Century Tantallon Castle and iconic Bass Rock seabird sanctuary. Tim Clarke-Payton, a private client manager at 1st Asset, based in Chelsea, London, said there was the opportunity to create a “modern day fantasy” at the former Ministry of Defence outpost. He said: “It is perhaps the ultimate James Bond villain’s lair.

A Scottish teenager shot a security guard at a party in the US while high on drink and drugs. Daniel Magee opened fire after a fracas at a property close to the University of Texas in the city of Austin. The 18-year-old, from the Dyce area of Aberdeen, fled the scene after the shooting but was later caught by police and is in jail on $50,000 bail. A search of his car and home uncovered an AK-47 assault rifle, but it is understood the weapon was not used to attack security guard Edward Earls. Mr Earls was shot in the foot and had to have re-constructive surgery. Magee was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is classed as a first-degree felony. The former Dyce Primary and Dyce Academy pupil is not a student at the University of Texas, but had turned up at a fraternity party at an off-campus house. An arrest warrant affidavit revealed that he arrived at the party while ‘heavily intoxicated’ and on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. Fraternity members asked the security guard to remove him after he started causing trouble, and the affidavit states Magee threatened to ‘return to the party with an AK-47 rifle to shoot up the place’. He returned to the fraternity house with two roommates just under an hour later and shot Mr Earls in the foot. Police were called to the scene and went to Magee’s nearby home, where they found an AK-47 and a .40 calibre weapon. His two roommates were also quizzed but will not face charges.

And Finally…“It’s important to keep your house and windows clean. Any woman will tell you that,” said Mo, a mum-of-three, who keeps fit by practising Tai Chi every morning. She was snapped by a satellite dish installer who posted his pic of her online, captioned “window cleaning Glasgow style”. Mo, who moved to Glasgow from Hong Kong 25 years ago, even once had to be rescued by a neighbour after locking herself out on the ledge.“Nothing gets between mum and her housework,” Mo’s son Alan said. “No matter how often we tell her not to go on to the window ledge, she ignores us. When we clean the windows she says it’s not to her usual standard. That’s mums for you. “Even after being locked out she refuses to take heed of anything we say.” Mo lives in a fifth-floor flat towering above Sauchiehall Street.

Our Photograph of Scotland today is of Glasgow University Cloisters (also known as The Undercroft) connect the East and West quadrangles and lead inside the Gilbert Scott Building to the stunning Bute Hall, where the University’s graduation ceremonies are held, and the Hunterian Museum. With their fluted columns and transverse ribbed vault, these impressive archways are an iconic part of the University, and have been seen onscreen in many films and TV shows including Cloud Atlas and Taggart…and I think they are stunning!

As always It’s a pleasure to have your company I hope this Wednesday the 21st September, brings you all you wish for and more and as I always say, it’s great to have company in the wee hours as I write…And I do mean it when I say Thank you for your comments and memories please keep them coming.. Have a comfortable and safe day, but please remember it’s a dangerous world we live in, be safe out there.. just read the newspapers, now I don’t know about you but I’m off to the kitchen to get myself another cup of coffee, Colombian of course…I made enough for you too.. Want one??

Robert McAngus

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