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Thursday 14th September 2017

“Madainn Mhath” …Fellow Scot, I hope the day brings joy to you…. Thank You for all your wishes regarding my health.. I’m still here.. struggling, but doing what I have to do.. It’s a pain in the derriere when you don’t feel at the top of your game.. but things to do, words to write, stuff to read, no use wallowing in self pity.. Wrapped up well when Bella and I went out this morning under a star filled heaven, she seemed to sense that I am not 100% as she didn’t pull or attempt to guide me as she normally does, rather she walked along beside me, just an old man and his friend out in the early morn exploring together….

BODIES OF ‘HUNDREDS’ OF CHILDREN BURIED IN MASS GRAVE…. The bodies of hundreds of children are believed to be buried in a mass grave in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland, according to an investigation by BBC News. The children were all residents of a care home run by Catholic nuns. At least 400 children are thought to be buried in a section of St Mary’s Cemetery in Lanark.
The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, which ran the home, refused to comment on the findings. The research by the File on 4 programme in conjunction with the Sunday Post newspaper focused on Smyllum Park Orphanage in Lanark. It opened in 1864 and provided care for orphans or children from broken homes. It closed in 1981, having looked after 11,600 children. A burial plot, containing the bodies of a number of children, was uncovered by two former residents of Smyllum in 2003. Frank Docherty and Jim Kane discovered an overgrown, unmarked section of St Mary’s Cemetery during their efforts to reveal physical abuse which they said many former residents had suffered. In 2004, the campaigners said the Daughters of Charity told them their records suggested that children had been buried in 158 compartments in the graveyard. Frank and Jim, who both died earlier this year, believed however, that the numbers were far higher as the nuns had indicated their records were incomplete. The investigation by File on 4 and the Sunday Post indicates they were right; at least 400 children are understood to be buried in the plot.
“Oh my God, I’ve got goose pimples. It’s shocking,” said Frank Docherty’s widow, Janet. “He had been trying for years to find a figure and he didn’t get anywhere. That’s unbelievable.” The death records indicate that most of the children died of natural causes, from diseases common at the time such as TB, pneumonia and pleurisy. Analysis of the records show that a third of those who died were aged five or under. Very few of those who died, 24 in total, were aged over 15, and most of the deaths occurred between 1870 and 1930. One of those believed to be buried there is Francis McColl. He died in 1961, aged 13; his death certificate indicates he died from a brain haemorrhage.

BOATS MAKE DARING RIVER NITH ‘RAID’ ON DUMFRIES…. A daring river “raid” on Dumfries has been carried out in celebration of the town’s trade links. Boats raced their way up the River Nith to the heart of the town on one of the highest tides of the year.
It was the fifth edition of the Nithraid event — a celebration which takes place on and around the river. As well as the boat race, a range of entertainment included a procession through the town and events continuing into the evening. Project manager Sal Cuddihy said: “It’s an exciting year for Nithraid with some great new additions to the festival; our friends the Vikings are coming to liven up the banks of the Mill Green with re-enactments and combat displays. “For the first time, we will be continuing the festivities into the evening with some live entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere. “It’s an exciting project to be a part of, and we hope plenty of people come along to get involved and cheer on the sailors.” The celebration is created and produced by local artists group The Stove Network.

CHILDREN’S ORCHESTRA MAKES A BIG NOISE IN DUNDEE…. Sistema Scotland’s fourth children’s orchestra has launched in Dundee backed by a £325,000 funding boost. The Big Noise project helps children by using music and the experience of being part of an orchestra. Big Noise Douglas will work with around 400 pupils from St Pius and Claypotts Castle primary schools.
The Perth-based Gannochy Trust has given an initial investment of £325,000 towards the charity and the new orchestra.
Sistema Scotland runs Big Noise Douglas in partnership with Optimistic Sound and Dundee City Council.
The late Dundee musician Michael Marra campaigned to bring Big Noise to Dundee as he believed in the “transformational power” of music. A group of Dundonians created Optimistic Sound, a charity established to campaign and fundraise for a Big Noise centre in the city.

MILLIONS OF POUNDS STOLEN FROM SCOTS COMPANIES IN SCAMS…. More than a total of £4.7m has been lost to fraudsters by businesses and organisations across Scotland in the past few months, police have said. The money was stolen from bank accounts in the Highlands, Fife, Glasgow and Ayrshire. Police Scotland said fraudsters also made unsuccessful attempts against firms in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Known as a vishing scam, it involves software to make numbers in phone calls appear genuine and also fake emails.
The organisations in the Highlands have included the Highland Hospice in Inverness, which which lost £570,000. Some of the money has been recovered. The hospice was among organisations and companies in the Highlands that lost a total of about £2.5m in a vishing scam over the summer. Last week, another business in the region was defrauded out of a high six-figure sum of money, according to police.

RAG’N’BONE MAN TO HEADLINE EDINBURGH’S HOGMANAY…. Singer Rag’n’Bone Man is to headline Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.
About 10,000 tickets to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Concert in the Gardens will go on sale on Tuesday at 09:00. His album Human has become the decade’s fastest-selling debut album by a British male. Support acts are yet to be revealed. The title song, Human, has gone to Number 1 on iTunes in over 40 countries, selling nearly four million copies. Another track, Skin, has been sold over 1.2 million times globally. Ticket prices are: £55 for the gardens, £65 for the enclosure and £150 premium. Rag’n’Bone Man, whose real name is Rory Graham, said: “Excited to be breaking the New Year in with the Scots at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, what a sick event for a debut show.”

On that note I will say that I hope you have enjoyed the news from Scotland today,

Our look at Scotland today is of the “Great Escape” held in Glasgow recently…

A Sincere Thank You for your company and Thank You for your likes and comments I love them and always try to reply, so please keep them coming, it’s always good fun, As is my custom, I will go and get myself another mug of “Colombian” Coffee and wish you a safe Thursday 14th September 2017 from my home on the southern coast of Spain, where the blue waters of the Alboran Sea washes the coast of Africa and Europe and the smell of the night blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle fills the air…and a crazy old guy and his dog Bella go out for a walk at 4:00 am…on the streets of Estepona…

All good stuff….But remember it’s a dangerous world we live in

Be safe out there…

Robert McAngus

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