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Tuesday 15th August 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. Buena Dias from Estepona Spain Gentle Reader… where the San Luis castle built for coastal defense against Berber pirates looks out across the waters of the Mediterranean Ocean or the Eurafrican Mediterranean Sea as its sometimes called…. Life in Estepona is influenced by many cultures all intermixed, Arabic and Islamic affect the buildings with tile work and ornate doors and entryways, Flamenco music is typical Andalucía but has been influenced by the Gitano or Gypsy’s who stole it from the Arabs many years ago, As you walk the streets English, German, French Italian Dutch and Russian can be heard from the tourists and residents followed by “Spanglish” the mix of English and Spanish as spoken by people from Gibraltar …. Estepona my home….. Bella and I walked together both lost in our own thoughts this morning and now she lays with her head on my foot as I drink my coffee and contemplate the news…..

DOG SHOWS OFF TIGHTROPE SKILLS ON OWNER’S CLOTHES LINES…. A talented dog in China was filmed doing a tightrope walk across the clothes lines in its owner’s garden. The well-balanced canine was filmed this month in Huaihua, Hunan Province, stepping carefully with its paws atop the clothes lines. The agile dog takes several steps across the lines without falling or even wavering. The dog’s owner said it only took the canine about a month of practicing to master the trick.

WOMAN MISTAKES PURSE FOR DACHSHUND, GOES VIRAL…. A Twitter user shared the story of her mother’s confusion upon spotting a brown purse that she initially mistook for a sleeping dachshund. Hannah Murphy posted on the microblogging site Sunday that her mother was delighted to spot the sleeping dog at a nearby table while dining outdoors, but all was not as it initially seemed.
“My mother was giggling at this and told me to ‘take a look at that adorable dachshund, he’s sleeping,’ she was looking at a purse,” Murphy tweeted. The tweet earned several messages of solidarity from fellow Twitter users who had made similar mistakes with other non-canine objects.

KANGAROO REPORTED ON CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY WAS ‘ENORMOUS RACCOON’…. The California Highway Patrol said a reported roadkill raccoon in the Bay Area turned out to be “an enormous raccoon” in the road. The highway patrol tweeted Wednesday that CHP Motor Officer Coffman responded to a report of a dead kangaroo on Interstate 580, near the Oakland Zoo. “Reports of a kangaroo on I-580 were false. Said marsupial was actually an enormous raccoon,” the tweet said. Coffman removed the raccoon.
“Seriously, I’ve never seen a raccoon of that size,” the CHP added on Facebook. A follow-up tweet said “another reported kangaroo” was removed from the road about an hour later.

WHY INDIAN WOMEN ARE POSTING MIDNIGHT PHOTOS…. Women in India have been posting photographs of themselves enjoying a night out on social media in response to a politician who said a woman who was chased in her car by two men “should not have gone out so late at night”. Varnika Kunda, who works as a DJ in the northern city of Chandigarh, was returning home on Friday night when she was allegedly chased by the men, one of whom was the son of a prominent politician from India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She said she was “chased and almost kidnapped” and that she was “not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere” only because police quickly responded to her distress call and rescued her. After Ms Kundu wrote a Facebook post about her ordeal which went viral, senior BJP politician in Haryana state Ramveer Bhatti blamed Ms Kundu for what happened to her. “The girl should not have gone out at 12 in the night,” he told the CNN-News18 television channel. “Why was she driving so late in the night? The atmosphere is not right. We need to take care of ourselves.” Mr Bhatti then went on to tell The Times of India that “parents must take care of their children. They shouldn’t allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why stay out at night?” This “victim shaming” didn’t go down well, and soon women began posting photos of themselves out at night under the hashtag #AintNoCinderella.

IRISH VET’S ENGLISH FAILS AUSTRALIAN COMPUTER VISA TEST…. An Irish vet with two university degrees has been told by a computerised test that her spoken English is not good enough for an Australian visa. Louise Kennedy, originally from County Wicklow, applied for permanent residency after two years in Australia. She had been working as a vet in Queensland. Ms Kennedy told the Irish Independent she thought there had been a mistake after she had failed the oral section of an English test.
“It was even such a pain to take the whole day off work to do the test and then be told I can’t speak English,” she said. The mandatory test involved writing, reading and speaking, with the oral section scored by voice-recognition technology. 
Ms Kennedy, who is married to an Australian and expecting her first child, said the oral test involved reading a paragraph that appeared on screen and it was “very, very easy”. However, she was told she had scored 74 points — below the 79 points required for a residency visa. “I just thought (it was a mistake) and I’ll ring them up and they’ll listen to it again,” she said. The vet said she believed the failure was caused by flaws in the voice-recognition technology. The company that runs the test, Pearson, told the Australian Associated Press there were no problems with its system.

Well Gentle Reader I hope you enjoyed our look at the news from around the world this, Tuesday morning… …

Our Tulips today are a rich, regal purple….

A Sincere Thank You for your company and Thank You for your likes and comments I love them and always try to reply, so please keep them coming, it’s always good fun,

As is my custom, I will go and get myself another mug of “Colombian” Coffee and wish you a safe Tuesday 15th August 2017 from my home on the southern coast of Spain, where the blue waters of the Alboran Sea washes the coast of Africa and Europe and the smell of the night blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle fills the air…and a crazy old guy and his dog Bella go out for a walk at 4:00 am…on the streets of Estepona…

All good stuff….But remember it’s a dangerous world we live in

Be safe out there…

Robert McAngus

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