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Tuesday 18th July 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. Thick sea mist once again enveloped the coastal town of Estepona, and this morning at 3:30am it’s so thick I can hardly see across the road, but nevertheless Bella and I venture forth … The old street lights are ineffective against the mist, just pools of yellow light reflecting against the moisture.. but we have walked this walk so many times we know the way by memory, so, its up the hill towards the hermitage this morning, and as we climb the mist becomes thinner, until finally when we reach the pinnacle of the hill the mist has magically disappeared… and I can look out across the clouds of mist that extend out across the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see… summit climbed, we ascend back into the swirling mist, and find our way back to the house, and coffee…

RUNAWAY CAMEL CORNERED ON AUSTRALIAN GOLF COURSE…. A camel that escaped from a circus has led police on a chase through peak-hour traffic on one of the busiest roads in Darwin, Australia. The animal took off from the visiting Circus Royale before being photographed on Bagot Rd, a six-lane thoroughfare. It was soon captured on the ninth green of a nearby golf course.
Police said it was fortunate that no motorists had been hurt. But they also saw a funny side, writing on social media that “it wasn’t even hump day”. Superintendent Rob Burgoyne, from Northern Territory Police, said it caused “a bit of traffic mayhem”.
“From time to time we get animals wandering the roads, more often than not crocodiles rather than camels,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “But certainly for Darwin it is a bit unusual.” The camel was returned to the circus, which confirmed it was theirs but declined to comment further. In November, a cow was recaptured in Western Australia after escaping from a ship and being spotted roaming for 7km (four miles).

AUSTRALIAN PLANE PASSENGER CHECKS IN CAN OF BEER…. A man has successfully checked in a can of beer as his only luggage on a domestic flight in Australia. The man, identified in media as Dean Stinson, said he and a friend had come up with the idea as a joke.
The can arrived, tagged and unopened, as the first item on the baggage carousel at Perth Airport after a four-hour journey from Melbourne. The airline, Qantas, said it did not encourage other travellers to follow suit. “This guy’s done it and he’s won the internet for the day, so we’re happy to move on,” a spokesman said in a statement to the BBC.

MAO ZEDONG LITERARY NOTES SOLD AT AUCTION…. A collection of handwritten notes by Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China, has been sold at auction for 10 times its estimated price. The notes, written in 1975 to a professor who had been hired to read to Mao, were sold at Sotheby’s in London for £704,750 ($910,000). The auction house said the manuscripts were of the “utmost rarity”.
The notes relate to classical Chinese literature and poetry, something the Chinese leader was known to enjoy.
They were written the year before Mao died, as his health deteriorated. His sight was failing and he struggled to read, so requested the presence of a literary expert to read to him. A scholar, Di Lu, was found, and the two began meeting. But because Mao was having trouble articulating words, she asked him to write his thoughts down on a notepad to ease communication.
The notes were the product of these meetings and offered, Sotheby’s said, “numerous valuable insights into Mao’s thinking on literature”.

GAY MAN WINS SUPREME COURT CASE ON EQUAL PENSION RIGHTS…. A gay man has won a landmark ruling which will give his husband the same pension rights as a wife would receive. The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom unanimously ruled that if John Walker, 66, dies, his husband is entitled to a spouse’s pension, provided they remain married. The ex-cavalry officer said it would “drag” the government “into the 21st century”, while human rights group Liberty said “thousands” could benefit.
A government spokesman said it would review the implications of the ruling. BBC legal affairs correspondent Clive Coleman said the decision will have “a dramatic effect on the entitlement of thousands of civil partners and spouses in same sex marriages”.
They will now enjoy the same pension rights and entitlements as those in a heterosexual marriage, our correspondent added.

HEOL SENNI COMPANY’S PIG WALKS IN BRECON BEACONS…. If someone told you they were taking pigs for a walk in the Brecon Beacons, you might think they were telling porkies. But Good Day Out, in Heol Senni, Powys, gives people the chance to go for a stroll with Kunekune pigs Babz, Holly, Hazel and Willow. Helena Barnard, who runs the walks with Julia Blazer, began after she adopted two pigs and walked them with family. “It’s really about getting people closer to nature,” she said. They are Kunekune pigs — a New Zealand breed whose name means “fat and round” in Maori. Mrs Barnard and Ms Blazer needed to get a Defra-approved licence and have a vet inspect the routes in order to get the go-ahead. The pigs are not on a leash and wander alongside people, motivated in no small part, by the promise of food. Mrs Barnard was a nurse and a sergeant for Bedfordshire Police and then Dyfed-Powys Police before making the switch to pottering about with pigs and she juggles it with her work as a dance teacher.
The duo stared doing the walks in summer 2016 after Mrs Barnard adopted two pigs. She said: “Julia said to me ‘if you like walking pigs, then I’m sure other people would do as well’. “There’s a thing about walking pigs that’s very calming because they walk slowly and happily just jog along with you. “They are very, very social animals and they love human contact.”

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Our Tulips today are of Skagit Valley in Washington State ..

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