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Sunday 28th May 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. An amazing sky greats Bella and I this early Sunday morning.. it looks as if I can see every star in the northern sky it’s so clear… the moon is just a slim sliver of its fullness and I can see the “Dark Side” in all its blackness… we walk down to the ocean and watch as far out to sea in the Straights of Gibraltar lights from a cruise ship draw my attention as it sails towards France and Italy in the east, we in turn, head towards the house and Colombia, coffee and the wife that is…..

KENYANS QUERY MAIZE IMPORTS AMID PRICE HIKES…. The rising cost of maize has been prompting jokes about how the food staple is now a luxury in Kenya. Kenyans have been facing shortages of basic foods following a drought last year that affected the country’s food stocks. The shortage is such that the price of maize flour, with which people make the staple ugali, is currently twice its usual level, and people living close to the border with neighbouring Uganda and Tanzania have taken to shopping there. One man is even reported to have killed his wife over a portion of ugali that was too small, The Star website reports. The government last week imported 30,000 tonnes of maize flour, but Kenyans have been eyeing the shipment of food with suspicion, the Standard Digital website says. Questions have been raised as to whether the government is colluding with companies to take advantage of the shortage, and suspicions have been exacerbated by pointed questions as to how long the government took to import the maize, and initial uncertainty over where it came from. The government first said it was from Mexico. When this raised questions about how the shipment could have arrived in the six days that it did, the government clarified it had been imported into South Africa last year but not used, Capital FM reports. Deputy President William Ruto has called the questions “unfair”, asking, on Citizen TV: “Do you sincerely believe that we can play that kind of game with a very serious issue like the lives of people? The food of the people. Don’t you think that is dangerous?”
The government has also since announced it will subsidise the import of maize to enable the price of a 2kg bag of flour to return to its usual price of about 90 shillings ($0.87, £0.67).

AUSTRALIANS SIZZLE OVER VEGAN SAUSAGE OFFER…. One of the great Australian traditions, the community event known as the sausage sizzle, became a bone of contention this weekend after customers of a well-known DIY chain store were offered only vegan sausages. The charity event, held at a Melbourne branch of the home improvement store Bunnings, was organised by a cat protection organisation last Sunday, Mother’s Day in Australia. But, as the Herald Sun newspaper reported, there were “a few tantrums” as customers realised that the “snags” — slang for a barbecued sausage — were meat-free. Speaking to 3AW radio, one customer said “We were a little shocked, considering it’s probably one of the most male-dominated destinations in the country. We were like … thank you, but no thank you.” But Natasha Reus of Cheltenham Cat Rescue said it wasn’t the first time they’d held a vegan sizzle, and that they had sold 550 snags on the day. “Some people were a bit angry, we had the odd Oscar-winning performance but most people asked questions and many gave them a try,” she told the Herald Sun. “One woman in particular was very upset and very rude. I think she complained,” she continued.
Bunnings agreed that times are changing, even among meat-loving Australians, with manager Tony Manzone saying “Since their inception the guidelines have been consistent. Meat sausages, onions and bread. This has not changed. “However, in recent years, and on a case-by-case basis, we also allow community groups to have a vegan fundraising sausage sizzle if that is their preference,” he said, pointing out that their in-store cafes already promote meat-free options. The Australian sausage sizzle is an event where sausages are barbecued and given away or sold, often to raise funds for charity. They’ve become a fixture on election days, with sizzles held outside polling stations, and the #democracysausage hashtag trending on Twitter. Bunnings is known for renting space outside its stores to community groups for fundraising sizzles. Revealing that the vegan sizzle had raised $1,300 (US$962, £747) for the cat rescue charity, Ms Reus said “We explained we were an animal rescue group so couldn’t sell animals to eat and so people had to think about that. At least we’ve got people talking about the issue.”

SAUDI AUTHORITIES SAY NO ROMANCE IN THE STAFF ROOM…. A principal at a girls’ school in Saudi Arabia was perplexed this week to open the door to her staff room one morning and find it covered in elaborate declarations of love. Rose petals and bank notes were strewn over the floor and furniture, large helium balloons lined one wall and on a table in the middle of the room were several cakes, the largest several-tiered and covered in white royal icing. In one corner of the room, a gold necklace was displayed in the middle of several great bunches of roses. Next to it was a note lit with flashing lights. All this turned out to be the elaborate work of the husband of one of the staff, who had apparently fought with his wife and wished to make up with her, the Gulf News website reported. A video of the gesture was posted on social media, where it has been viewed tens of thousands of times. Amid the responses to it, however, were several angry questions as to how a man had managed to get into a girls’ school. “It is the height of goodness and loyalty for a man to honour his wife but not in this reckless manner. If he wanted to do this he could have done so at his or his family’s home,” sniffed one such response. Local education authorities investigated and found the man was a member of their own security and safety department, and had let himself into the school after it was closed. Boys and girls do not mix in schools in Saudi Arabia’s conservative society, just as men and women are not expected to mingle in public spaces. The government is moving to relax some of its restrictions on women, however, in the hope of enabling more of them to work.

SYLVESTER STALLONE GIVES BOLLYWOOD RAMBO THE THUMBS-UP…. Sylvester Stallone sent a message of support to the remake’s Indian director… Getting a message from Sylvester Stallone about a Bollywood Rambo remake was like “an endorsement from God”, the film’s director has said. Sid Anand told fans there would be none of the singing and dancing often associated with Bollywood however. “I wouldn’t do that to Rambo,” he told the BBC. “That’s like blasphemy.” The movie is being launched at the Cannes Film Festival — though filming doesn’t start until later this year.On his decision to launch the project in Cannes, Anand said: “Rambo is a global icon. He resonates in every part of the world, so it’s important to start our campaign at the Mecca of film-making.” He said he was driven to remake the movie because of the strength of the character of the “true blue action hero with a heart”, immortalised by Stallone. Anand said he had a script which will “resonate in India” — but warned: “It could be controversial like Rambo First Blood was in the 80s.
“It makes you think, and is about a situation that’s prevailing in India and is unique in that way.”

AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS LEADERS MEET FOR HISTORIC SUMMIT…. Hundreds of indigenous leaders have gathered in central Australia for a historic summit on formally recognising the country’s first inhabitants. The three-day summit at Uluru coincides with the 50th anniversary of a vote that allowed indigenous Australians to be included on a national census.
Australia does not mention Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in its constitution. The summit aims to reach consensus on the best method of recognition.
More than 200 delegates from indigenous groups around Australia are attending the First Nations Convention, which will form the basis of a report to be delivered to the nation’s political leaders in June. The recommendations may result in a referendum to be voted on by all Australians.

SOUTH AFRICA’S WESTERN CAPE DECLARES DROUGHT DISASTER…. South Africa’s Western Cape province has declared a drought disaster as it faces its worst water shortage in 113 years. Provincial leader Helen Zille said water will be harvested by drilling boreholes to serve key points like hospitals in Cape Town. The alert will last for three months but could be extended if the crisis persists, she said in a statement. Southern African nations are reeling from a two-year drought. The UN estimates that over 40 million people have been affected by the drought that was caused by the El Nino climate phenomenon. “The disaster declaration will accelerate… the province’s strategy to ensure that taps do not run dry,” Ms Zille said. She also announced plans to use a mobile desalination plant and tap the natural aquifer under Cape Town’s Table Mountain. Residents have also been urged to use no more than 100 litres (22 gallons) of water a day. Ms Zille said the disaster declaration will mean that authorities in the province can prioritise public funds for drought relief operations.
Two reservoirs in the Western Cape region are already completely dry according to official statistics. The Karoo and West Coast areas of the Western Cape previously declared drought disasters in 2016, but Monday’s announcement extends the scope of those emergency measures to the entire province, the AFP news agency reports.

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