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Thursday 22nd June 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. Where ever you are on our little blue planet as we spin endlessly though the known universe, bound I know not where.. The situation in Syria is of great concern to me.. the portents of war are ominous….But the rich Columbian coffee is in the cup, two cookies are on the table and my constant companion Bella is sound asleep at my feet after the early morning constitutional walk.. So let’s take a look at the news and she what we can see..

TEXAS CITY WORKER FINDS GIANT SNAKE IN DOWNTOWN TUNNEL…. A brave city worker in Texas found and helped capture a massive snake while working in a tunnel. The San Antonio Transportation and Capital Improvements Department shared a photo Tuesday on Facebook of Alfred De Hoyos hoisting the large reptile in the air after he came across the snake while cleaning tunnels downtown.
“What do you think, San Antonio’s new mascot?” the department joked. The large snake stretched about the length of De Hoyos’ body as he held it up with a pole. The department said snakes occasionally turn up trapped inside trash rakes, cables and wiring, float sensors and its facilities, but they typically allow them to move out on their own.

35-POUND TABBY CAT SEEKING TO SLIM DOWN AND FIND NEW HOME…. Staff at an animal shelter in Washington, D.C. are working to help a 35-pound rescue cat shed weight and find a new home. Humane Rescue Alliance shared video Thursday of Symba the hefty, 6-year-old, orange tabby cat exercising on a circular treadmill device as he is prepared for adoption. “HRA staff have seen a lot — but we’ve never seen a 35 pound cat! At 6-years-old, Symba is bigger than a lion cub and we know he’d be much more comfortable if he slimmed down a bit,” the rescue group said. The staff at HRA are seeking a new owner for Symba who is willing to provide a loving home and help guide him to a healthier weight. “If you’re up for the challenge, he’d love to go home with you and continue his weight loss journey,” HRA said. “This handsome fellow is sweet, mellow, and waiting for a new home where he can thrive.”
Symba arrived at the rescue group after his previous owner moved to a nursing facility that doesn’t allow pets.
HRA spokesman Matt Williams told Today that Symba needs to lose at least 15 pounds to maintain a healthy weight and will require an owner willing to hold him to a strict diet and exercise regimen. “As much as we love Symba, as cute as he is, his obesity is serious,” Williams said. “He really needs to lose the weight to live a good life.”

CANADIAN POLICE RESCUE PREMATURE SEAL PUP IN BRITISH COLUMBIA…. Police in Canada made an unexpected rescue after finding a premature seal pup on a routine boat patrol Thursday. A man flagged down Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in Coquitlam, British Columbia to alert them of the baby seal that appeared to have been abandoned by its mother for more than a day. “We made a quick detour to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Center,” Cpl. Justin Abels said. “The staff there named the pup ‘Fort St. James’ and said it looks like he was premature and only a day or two old. Now the staff will do their best to rehabilitate Fort St. James over the next two months before releasing him into the wild.”

OVERTURNED TRUCK SPILLS BUD LIGHT ONTO ARIZONA HIGHWAY RAMP…. Arizona transportation officials said a truck that overturned on a highway ramp spilled thousands of cans of Bud Light onto the roadway. The Arizona Department of Transportation said the eastbound US-60 ramp to southbound Loop 101 in Tempe was closed Wednesday morning when the truck tipped onto its side about 10:15 a.m. and spilled its load of Bud Light. “Bud Light. Apparently is heavier than you might think…Toppled the trailer,” the Department of Transportation tweeted. “No crying over spilled beer,” ADOT said in another tweet. Police said the driver lost control on the ramp and tipped onto its side, allowing the beer to spill from the top of the trailer. “Caution, it’s a little foamy there,” ADOT tweeted.
The driver was rescued from the overturned truck by emergency responders and taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

‘WORLD’S COOLEST CHIHUAHUA’ RIDES ON BACK OF MOTORCYCLE…. An Australian man approached a motorcyclist in a parking lot to capture video of a “bad to the bone” chihuahua decked out in biker gear. The video, filmed Friday in Bongaree, Queensland, shows what the filmer described as “the world’s coolest chihuahua” riding on the back of its owner’s motorcycle. The chihuahua is decked out in a helmet, goggles, and what appears to be a tiny jacket. “He’s bad to the bone, this chihuahua,” the filmer says in the video.

ESCAPED BULL ATTACKS MOTORCYCLE IN SPANISH CITY…. An escaped bull in a Spanish city was caught on camera viciously attacking a motorcycle that had been left parked outside a business. A video recorded by a witness Saturday in the Elche de la Sierra area of Albacete shows the bull trotting down a city street after escaping from a truck that was taking the animal to a bullfighting competition. The video shows the bovine stop to repeatedly attack a parked motorcycle, apparently destroying it, before continuing to wander the city’s streets. Officials said the bull was eventually put down and there were no human injuries resulting from its time on the loose.

Well Gentle Reader I hope you enjoyed our look at the news from around the world this, Thursday morning…

Our Tulips today are of a child in a field of tulips ……

A Sincere Thank You for your company and Thank You for your likes and comments I love them and always try to reply, so please keep them coming, it’s always good fun, As is my custom, I will go and get myself another mug of “Colombian” Coffee and wish you a safe Thursday 22nd June 2017 my home on the southern coast of Spain, where the blue waters of the Alboran Sea washes the coast of Africa and Europe and the smell of the night blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle fills the air…and a crazy old guy and his dog Bella go out for a walk at 4:00 am…on the streets of Estepona…

All good stuff….But remember it’s a dangerous world we live in

Be safe out there…

Robert McAngus

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