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Wednesday 5th July 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. As I walk in the morning, random thoughts go through my head, like “What do fish do when there is a storm, decide to stay in?” and why when the wind blows hard do Seagulls all sit on the beach, it’s not like they’re going to tan! But this is all at 3:30–4:00am before I have had my coffee and the world reverts to normality… but then, as I haven’t had my coffee yet, so what’s normal?

FIGHTING SHARKS DRAW A CROWD IN SHALLOW WATER AT FLORIDA BEACH…. A visitor to a Florida beach captured video of a fight between two sharks that drew a crowd of onlookers to the shallow waters. Stephanie Stevens Adcock of Arkansas said she was visiting the beach in Okaloosa Island with her family Monday when a group of about seven sharks appeared in the shallow water about 3 p.m. Adcock, who posted video of the incident to Facebook, said two of the sharks appeared to be fighting.
“My son’s friend was snorkeling way out there and we were yelling for him to come in,” Adcock told the Northwest Florida Daily News. “Everyone else had made it out of the water and he was unaware of what was going on! My husband ran out there to help him out.”
Adcock said everyone made it safely out of the water and the sharks, which came as close as 2 feet to the shore, hung around for about 10 minutes. She said a lifeguard told onlookers the sharks were likely reef or bull sharks.

MAN INVESTIGATING HIGH WATER BILL DISCOVERS CAT FLUSHING THE TOILET…. A pet owner who was perplexed by the size of his water bill eventually caught the cause on camera — his cat flushing a toilet. Curt Coleman on June 16 posted a video to YouTube showing his cat Crazy Eyes standing on the toilet’s lid and using his front paws to operate the flush lever. “This is the reason my water bill was outrageous. Finally had to start leaving the door closed when I left for work. He was doing this numerous times throughout the day,” Coleman wrote in a Reddit post. He said the feline’s newfound talent can lead to some scary moments. “Hearing the toilet flush when I am in the house alone can be startling. Especially after watching The Conjuring…in the dark…BAD CRAZY! BAD CAT!” he joked.

TWO TONS OF MARIJUANA DISGUISED AS LETTUCE SEIZED AT TEXAS BORDER…. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized nearly two tons of marijuana disguised as heads of lettuce near the Texas border. A search at the border between the United States and Mexico uncovered the 5,754 packages containing a total of 3,707 pounds of marijuana. “This is truly an example of our CBP officers’ hard work, experience and dedication to the CBP mission,” Port Director Gregory Alvarez said in a statement. “I congratulate the officers in advancing the CBP mission and protecting the public from illegal narcotics.” CBP officers referred the truck carrying the packages of “lettuce” for a secondary inspection, as it crossed the Colombia-Solidarity International Bridge on Monday.
A K-9 team, non-intrusive and physical inspection eventually unveiled the drugs with an estimated street value of about $741,186.
The marijuana was ultimately seized and turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations for further investigation.

CAR PARKED AT HAWAII AIRPORT INFESTED WITH COCKROACHES…. A Hawaii man whose car spent a week parked at Kona International Airport said he was shocked to find the vehicle crawling with hundreds of cockroaches. Black Howell said in a Facebook post he drove the car home from the airport Monday and noticed the front end was covered in the insects.
The post included a video of the roaches crawling around the BMW’s grill area and under the hood. He said he also found an 8-inch centipede. “I noticed these things crawling out of the crack between the car frame and the hood,” Howell told KITV.
Howell said he retrieved a can of insecticide and went to work ridding the car of cockroaches. “It was incredible. I opened up the hood and they kept coming out and I kept spraying,” Howell said. “There had to have been a thousand bug corpses in the driveway and we washed it down into the gutter.” Howell he keeps his car clean and does not allow eating inside the vehicle. He said he suspects his choice of parking space — under a large tree — was to blame for the infestation. “We were driving around that parking lot for 10 minutes and finding nothing. We found this spot and now we know why it was available,” he said. Exterminator Ralph Pascual said auto owners who make similar discoveries should call in the professionals. “Because they may harbor somewhere deep inside, where you’re not going to get them.” Pascual said. Howell said he is still finding dead roaches in the car’s nooks and crannies.
“I joked with somebody that if they had actually been in the interior I probably would have had to set the thing on fire,” he said. “At this point when you’ve seen what I saw, every surface I look at I see bugs, so. I’m definitely paranoid being inside it.”

CANINE WANDERS ON STAGE DURING ORCHESTRA PERFORMANCE IN TURKEY…. A well-cultured canine with an appreciation for classical music received an ovation when he wandered on stage during a Vienna Chamber Orchestra concert in Turkey.
Turkish pianist Fazil Say tweeted a short video clip from the Vienna Chamber Orchestra’s June 20 performance in Ephesus.
The video shows a curious dog calmly wander on stage during the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony.
The dog’s arrival elicits laughter followed by cheers and applause when the canine plants itself next to conductor Ola Rudner.
Say branded the dog’s arrival the “cutest moment in classical music.”

Well Gentle Reader I hope you enjoyed our look at some of the more peculiar news from around the world this, Wednesday morning… …

Our Tulips today are a sea of Orange Tulips….

A Sincere Thank You for your company and Thank You for your likes and comments I love them and always try to reply, so please keep them coming, it’s always good fun, As is my custom, I will go and get myself another mug of “Colombian” Coffee and wish you a safe Wednesday 5th July 2017 from my home on the southern coast of Spain, where the blue waters of the Alboran Sea washes the coast of Africa and Europe and the smell of the night blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle fills the air…and a crazy old guy and his dog Bella go out for a walk at 4:00 am…on the streets of Estepona…

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