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Thursday 14th September 2017

Good Morning Gentle Reader…. Once more a struggle to get up and walk Bella, don’t have a cold, don’t have the flu, but today feels like yesterday, hard to motivate myself, if it wasn’t for Bella and the eager readers of The Daily Tulip I think I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep, but I didn’t Thanks Bella and to you Gentle Reader, I’ve just got back from our first walk of the day, cool and fresh with a breeze blowing that made me pull my jacket around me, looking forward to a large mug of Colombian Coffee, and I’m going to treat Bella and I to a Walkers Shortbread to go with it… Thanks for all your concerns, I’m OK just going through one of those stages in life…..

INDIA’S GURUS ARE BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE…. Have faith … in judicial accountability. When spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month for raping two of his devotees, thousands of followers of the so-called “godman” rioted in the streets, leaving dozens dead and revealing just how much influence such gurus wield. At least six similar sexual exploitation cases have emerged in India since 2010, but experts say that’s actually a sign that serious crimes by religious leaders — allegedly common for decades — may finally be prosecuted on a consistent basis.

SPANISH TOWN PONDERS ITS TERRORISM CONNECTIONS…. They seemed like regular local boys. The 12 suspects who terrorized Barcelona and Cambrils last month have forced the otherwise ordinary town of Ripoll — where they all lived — to contemplate how it could have produced ISIS-linked attackers. The beer-drinking, fun-loving youngsters showed no signs of radicalism, a fact that will likely confound police as they plan more effective prevention methods. One place to start: Considering whether the group of men were radicalized together, embracing a tactic that entails behaving like secular citizens to avoid detection.

INDIA RAISES ‘OFFENSIVE’ LAMB ADVERT WITH AUSTRALIA…. India has lodged a diplomatic protest with Australia over an advert depicting the Hindu god Ganesha enjoying lamb. The TV advert, by a meat industry lobby group, portrays figures from several religions sitting down to a meal. It has caused anger within the Hindu community in Australia because Ganesha is never depicted eating meat. The High Commission of India in Canberra said it had made a “demarche” to three Australian government departments.
It also urged Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to withdraw the advertisement because many people considered it “offensive and hurting their religious sentiments”. “A number of community associations have also registered their protest with government of Australia and Meat and Livestock Australia,” the high commission said in a statement. The advert shows religious figures including Jesus, Buddha and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard talking and eating at a table. It makes a brief reference that the Prophet Muhammed “cannot make it”. Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau said the advert had attracted more than 30 complaints relating to “a number of faiths”.

CHINA LOOKS AT PLANS TO BAN PETROL AND DIESEL CARS…. China, the world’s biggest car market, plans to ban the production and sale of diesel and petrol cars and vans. The country’s vice minister of industry said it had started “relevant research” but that it had not yet decided when the ban would come into force. “Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry’s development,” Xin Guobin told Xinhua, China’s official news agency China made 28 million cars last year, almost a third of the global total. Both the UK and France have already announced plans to ban new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040, as part of efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Chinese-owned carmaker Volvo said in July that all its new car models would have an electric motor from 2019. Geely, Volvo’s Chinese owner, aims to sell one million electric cars by 2025.

‘WALKIE TALKIE’ APP ZELLO TOPS APP STORE DURING HURRICANES…. An app that enables people to have live conversations in large groups is being used as an unofficial rescue co-ordination tool during the US hurricanes. One woman shared a harrowing account of her experience collating people’s SOS messages received via the app and dispatching volunteer rescue boats. 
Zello was downloaded one million times in one day, the firm said on Facebook. The demand is so great it has added 18 new servers, it confirmed. However the firm has had to warn users that it will not work without either a mobile data signal or wi-fi and that it will drain smartphone batteries. Zello is currently the most downloaded free app on Apple’s US App Store, and claims to have had more than 110 million downloads across Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and PC platforms since its relaunch in 2012. “It is not a hurricane rescue tool and is only as useful as the people who use it,” the firm wrote in a Facebook post listing tips for using the app during a disaster. “If your phone battery is under 30%, turn off Zello. That way, it won’t use any power, and if someone sends you a message, you will still receive a push notification,” it added.

Well Gentle Reader I hope you enjoyed our look at the news from around the world this, Thursday morning… …

Our Tulips today is not a “Modern Art” picture but a display arranged by the nursery in Washington State…….

A Sincere Thank You for your company and Thank You for your likes and comments I love them and always try to reply, so please keep them coming, it’s always good fun, As is my custom, I will go and get myself another mug of “Colombian” Coffee and wish you a safe Thursday 14th September 2017 from my home on the southern coast of Spain, where the blue waters of the Alboran Sea washes the coast of Africa and Europe and the smell of the night blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle fills the air…and a crazy old guy and his dog Bella go out for a walk at 4:00 am…on the streets of Estepona…

All good stuff….But remember it’s a dangerous world we live in

Be safe out there…

Robert McAngus

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