13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

I’m voting for Corbyn and wanted to address some of your points, which are intelligent and well made by the way.

  1. I’m actually in agreement with you here, printing money seems too easy a solution and surely someone else would already be doing it. That being said according to the source you quoted the US already does a type of this QE. Though I share your doubts about the plan it does not seem a ligitimate reason not to vote for him. Corbyn will likely have four and a half years to reveiw and tweak this idea, and if it is unworkable then he will abandon it.
  2. Basically agree with you here too but really do not see why this is a reason not to vote for him. He likely wont get 120bn from tax evaders but he will likely get more than any of the other candidates as he is less concerned with confronting The City

3. Here we have a problem as you claim all the evidence suggests he will not win back voters, well this is just untrue, at least one poll, also reported in the Independant puts Jeremey ahead with non-Labour voters, particularly Ukip. I understand that you specified Conservitive votes, but why exactly does Corbyn need to win Nuneaton, Plymouth, Stockton, Bury or Dover, it would be great if he did, but not really necisary unless im much mistaken.

4. People attending his rallies do not mean he’s popular. If he isint popular then why did you go to the trouble of writing this article? I think the leadeship election will be closer than most polls predict but if Corbyn can motivate people to come to his rallies then surely this is a good sign, rather than a reason not to vote for him.

5. Another good point, but only really a reason not to vote for him is that if you think any of the other candidates could unite the party and provide the opposition needed. Perhaps if Corbyn hadnt run then Cooper could have provided effective opposition, but the shift in Labour has already happened, the Labour membership has moved to the left, If Cooper does win then it will be on the second round of votes, has already alienated pretty much all the Corbyn supporters, who now make up a sizable minority of the Labour membership at the very least, she can expect a max exodus of members if elected, hardly a good position from which to offer opposition. Personally i think Corbyn will provke Cameran to angry and childish outbursts during PM’s question time with his refusal to play by the established rules of huffing and puffing.

6.I’m with you completely on this one.

7. Corbyn will ally with ‘Russia, where racists attack gay people and ethnic minorities — all with the blessing of the police.’ Whereas our current ally who’s police just routinely murder African American’s? No im not quite fool enough to think that America is worse in than Russia, however not being part of Nato does not automatically make you part of the new USSR Putin is building, it seems to me that Corbyn will be a isolationist when it comes to the military, this could persuade people not to vote for him, however i belive most people would be happy to allow global policing to the US and other Nato members.

8.This one seems like nonsense to me. the 2020 election will play by different rules than the 2015 one if Corbyn is elected\Labour Leader, I daresay that many of the people attending Corbyn’s rallies did not vote Labour this year or did not vote at all. Alot of the people who did not turn out were young. Is it not traditional wisdom that young people are more left leaning that other age groups. The truth is that Milliband did not resonate with young people, whilst the evidence is that Corbyn does.

9.Voting for Corbyn is not wallowing in defeatism. The truth of the matter is that if Corbyn was not runnign then Cooper or Burnham would have one, and no one would have registered quite how ineffectual and vacous they were untill it’s too late. Now they have stood on a pedastal with him and have simply not measured up. Burnham lost to Ed Milliband, Cooper as ive already argued is simply too unlikable, very intelligent and a good politician, but a career politicain with an unfortunate husband.

10. This really is not any reason not to vote for Corbyn, yes Britain is different from Greece and Spain, luckily for us, the move to socialism is also evident in the US a economy i believe is more similar to our own, its rise is not just due to unemployment and poverty, rather to the levels of inequality.

11. Yes a right wing Labour government would be better than a Conservative one, but a Left wing Labour government is my preference and what im voting for. I suppose that if you want a more centre left government then you should vote for the corresponding candidate, again not a real reason not to vote for Corbyn

12. This seems a dangerous case to make in my opinion. I too originally hoped for a female leader, but voters must decide whether they value faminism over equality in general. Like people who support Clinton, this argument seems inherently flawed, she has consistently voted in a hawkish manner yet she is better than Sanders because shes a woman?

13.So if Corbyn wins the leadership the next two general elections are already lost? now who’s being defeatist. I suppose that this will be up peoples consciounce, but I would frame the point another way. Vote for Cooper and she will probably win in 2020 and do good things. Vote for Corbyn if you want a chance at decency in politics. Vote for Corbyn and he may win in 2020 and change the courty. Vote for Corbyn if you want peace, if you want to feel human.

There you go, a Corbyn supported who attempted to engage in debate, perhaps now the press can stop being quite so condescending in there attacks on Corbyn and his supporters.